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Music stories
Thumb relaxing music for kids top songs
Relaxing Music for Kids (Top Songs)
2019-02-14 56

Music is a kind of language that affects the intellect, develops abstract thinking, memory, and imagination. So, it's important to pick the right songs.

Thumb free music production software
Free Music Production Software [Or with Trial Version]
2019-02-08 36

Probably, each of us tried to play music at least once in his life, using improvised items such as table, bottles, and spoons, well, or chanting fictional melody.

Thumb best country songs of all time top 100
Best Country Songs of All-Time [Top 100 List]
2019-01-31 57

Usually, country music is quite dynamic and uncomplicated at the same time, it relies on schemes of rock'n'roll or lyrical ballad.

Thumb the best movie video games soundtracks
The Best Movie & Video Games Soundtracks
2019-01-26 61

Music plays an important role in creating an atmosphere of the game or cinema. Today's article we want to devote to the most recognizable soundtracks.

Thumb country music hall of fame and museum
LIve Forever: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
2019-01-24 47

Country music hall of fame and museum is one of the world's largest halls, located in Nashville

Thumb top 100 rap songs of all time
Top 100 Rap Songs of All Time
2019-01-20 44

Rap music makes you feel invincible. Self-assertiveness and self-affirmation do not involve manifestations of sentimentality and hypocrisy when we talk about rap music.

Thumb top 10 love songs of all time
Time for Romance: Top 10 Love Songs of All Time
2019-01-16 41

Supposing our world without music, what would it be? How many efforts would we take to uncover our feelings and emotions more deeply?

Thumb how to prepare for a concert
How to Prepare for a Concert [Simple Yet Effective Guide]
2019-01-14 28

Concert season 2019 is open. Our favorite bands have already scheduled lineups. We only have to buy tickets and consequently, enjoy the drive of the sound.

Thumb 100 songs for running
Get in the Mood: 100 Songs for Running
2019-01-12 30

Despite this running really is not as easy as it may seem at first glance, but the formation of a useful habit to run regularly allows you to improve your health, appearance, and mood.

Thumb top 100 songs of all time list
Top 100 Songs of All Time [Set list]
2019-01-08 38

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Thumb top 10 greatest rappers of all time
Top 10 greatest rappers of all time
2019-01-04 38

It is pretty hard to choose some of the best singers from the hip-hop scene, but we'll risk presenting the top ten, which included our contemporaries and representatives of the old school.

Thumb how to surprise someone with concert tickets
How to Surprise Someone with Concert Tickets
2019-01-02 39

Be unique and give only special presents. We can tell you how to surprise someone with concert tickets.

Thumb the most awaited country tours 2018
The Most Successful Country Tours 2018
2018-12-31 47

For all country lovers right now it's an exact time to make up plans for the next year, as now you will get acquainted with the most significant country events.

Thumb most popular pop songs of all time
Most popular pop songs of all time
2018-12-30 40

A great song does not attempt to be anything — it just is. Especially this statement concerns pop-compositions, which are where the greatest demand lie.

Thumb most famous christmas songs of all times
Most Famous Christmas Songs of All Times
2018-12-20 299

To feel Christmas mood is a piece of cake if you have a proper list of Christmas songs, just bring a little music and magic to your festive and enjoy it.

Thumb list of songs prince wrote for other artists
List of Songs Prince Wrote for Other Artists
2018-10-08 209

Prince, or real name Prince Rogers Nelson - one of the most influential rock musicians of all time, an integral part of the music industry.

Thumb the best love songs of all time
The Best Songs Compilation for Romantic Moments
2018-09-16 188

Love pushes us to something bigger, makes us better, it motivates us to do accomplishments throughout life, sometimes love can even perform miracles and becomes something sacred.

Thumb top country songs of all time list
Top Country Songs of All Time
2018-08-22 800

Here the list of best country songs of all time, so throw on your jeans, shine up your boots, and grab yourself a cold one!

Thumb most popular music videos of all time
Top-rated Music Videos That Tell Us Stories
2018-08-13 299

Originally, a music video is intended to illustrate the better meaning of a song.

Thumb best theme songs for movies of all time
Best Theme Songs That Make A Perfect Movie
2018-08-10 246

For most movies, music is an extremely important thing as well as the depth of the actors' play or, for example, the executive director’s work.

Thumb best pop rock songs of all time
Best Pop-Rock Songs of All Time (Setlist for Your iPod)
2018-08-07 766

What else if not pop-rock can implement soft easy-to-remember melody blend with deep vigor emotions and stamina rolled into one.

Thumb boy bands of the 80s and 90s
Epic Boy Bands of the 80's and 90's
2018-08-03 167

In the 90s, the so-called boy bands sprang up like mushrooms and caused a true mass hysteria among the female fans.

Thumb largest music festivals worldwide you have to visit
Largest Music Festivals Worldwide You Have to Visit
2018-07-31 174

By visiting festivals, you can easily enjoy the music with the greatest extent and besides this get exceptional emotions from the general atmosphere.

Thumb tips for how to take pictures at a concert
How to Take Pictures at a Concert [Basics & Useful Tips]
2018-07-27 174

How to make successful photos during the performance simply using your phone in order to remember your experiences and feelings for a long time.

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