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Music stories
Thumb rock bands that should be hall
Rock Bands That Should Be Hall of Fame
2019-05-15 303

In order to become nominees for inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should be 25 years after the release of the first recording of musicians.

Thumb the best drummers of all time
10 The Best Drummers of All Time
2019-05-11 281

We invite you to discover the most outstanding heroes of percussion, who left their mark on the history of "classical" rock.

Thumb most grammy award winning individuals of all time as of 2017
Most Grammy Award-Winning Individuals of All Time
2019-05-07 322

For more than half a century of history, many outstanding musicians have received awards. However, among them are those who were called the best regularly.

Thumb one hit wonders in the united states
Top-10 One-Hit Wonders in the United States
2019-05-02 329

Perhaps, in some cases such musicians can be called "one-day stars", however, their songs will sound on the radio and our memory for a very long time.

Thumb the best female vocalists ever
10 Best Female Vocalists Ever
2019-04-28 87

Women in the music industry are no worse than men, achieving a dizzying success and an army of fans. Let's finally get to know them.

Thumb the greatest boy band of all time
The Greatest Boy Bands of All Time
2019-04-24 87

Boy bands that have won the hearts of fans all over the world in the past, who are doing it now, and who are just going to become the idols of all the girls.

Thumb favorite music genres in the united states
Favorite Music Genres in the United States
2019-04-21 92

Country, rock or hip-hop, or is it possible pop is on the top? This is an eternal struggle for a place of honor and privilege, find out who's ahead of everyone.

Thumb most popular music videos in the united states in 2017
Most Popular Music Videos in the United States
2019-04-14 100

Find out what songs were the most popular and beloved in the U.S. in 2017 - listen to the hottest and most played videos on YouTube.

Thumb bands you go back in time to see again
Bands You Go Back in Time to See Again
2019-04-07 113

They are worthy to be always in our hearts, and certainly, it will be, because their talent will be appreciated by many generations.

Thumb ideas for what to do with old ticket stubs
Ideas for What to Do with Old Ticket Stubs 
2019-04-04 134

Sometimes a small amount of fantasy and free time can make extraordinary things that previously seemed not necessary for you anymore.

Thumb the hottest female pop stars
14 Hottest Female Pop Stars of the World
2019-03-29 123

Beauty will save the world, take a look at the prettiest and hottest female pop stars of all time!

Thumb the sexiest female country singers
The Sexiest Female Country Singers
2019-03-20 131

Take a look at the list of the most striking female performers who make country music more interesting and achieved a great success in this field.

Thumb top five things record labels look for
To-5 Things Record Labels Look For in Rising Talents
2019-03-16 134

For young talented musicians who just start their musical career - the deal with Record Label is the best way to bring your name to popularity.

Thumb songs that don t mean what you think they do
Songs That Don't Mean What You Think They Do
2019-03-10 153

Oddly enough, but sometimes we perceive a certain song not at all as the author was planning, and therefore we get its meaning false.

Thumb where to get cheap concert tickets online
Where to Get Cheap Concert Tickets Online
2019-03-07 159

How often do you face up with the problem when the ticket to your favorite band's or artist's concert costs too much? 

Thumb best music player for android
Comparing Best Music Players for Android
2019-03-02 167

Whether you are a musicophile or a casual listener, it is highly important to use convenient application for listening music with satisfactory equalizer, aesthetically pleasing interface...

Thumb the best music streaming services
The Best Music Streaming Services: Choose Your Favorite
2019-02-26 142

To date, there are a bunch of music streaming services and the vast majority of them are paid (with a trial period), but also there are free tools with truncated features.

Thumb relaxing music for kids top songs
Relaxing Music for Kids (Top Songs)
2019-02-14 233

Music is a kind of language that affects the intellect, develops abstract thinking, memory, and imagination. So, it's important to pick the right songs.

Thumb free music production software
Free Music Production Software [Or with Trial Version]
2019-02-08 164

Probably, each of us tried to play music at least once in his life, using improvised items such as table, bottles, and spoons, well, or chanting fictional melody.

Thumb best country songs of all time top 100
Best Country Songs of All-Time [Top 100 List]
2019-01-31 237

Usually, country music is quite dynamic and uncomplicated at the same time, it relies on schemes of rock'n'roll or lyrical ballad.

Thumb the best movie video games soundtracks
The Best Movie & Video Games Soundtracks
2019-01-26 154

Music plays an important role in creating an atmosphere of the game or cinema. Today's article we want to devote to the most recognizable soundtracks.

Thumb country music hall of fame and museum
LIve Forever: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
2019-01-24 120

Country music hall of fame and museum is one of the world's largest halls, located in Nashville

Thumb top 100 rap songs of all time
Top 100 Rap Songs of All Time
2019-01-20 151

Rap music makes you feel invincible. Self-assertiveness and self-affirmation do not involve manifestations of sentimentality and hypocrisy when we talk about rap music.

Thumb top 10 love songs of all time
Time for Romance: Top 10 Love Songs of All Time
2019-01-16 104

Supposing our world without music, what would it be? How many efforts would we take to uncover our feelings and emotions more deeply?

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