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12 types of people you meet at every concert

Also, when attending a music event, it is always interesting to observe people around. We have compiled a list of 12 types of people that you are sure to find at a music concert. Read carefully, suddenly you will find out what category you belong to.


This person has two problems. The first one – he or she certainly does not like the band but has to watch the performance to write a review, and the second – if he likes the musicians play, there would be a struggle within self – to work desperately scribbling notes in the smartphone or just to enjoy music and relax.

The man at the bar

Such a person always wants to drink alcohol during the concert. He walks near the bar more often than the staff. Most of the concert time he is turned back to the performer, but he knows best how to empty four glasses of beer in one gulp.

A fan of mosh

He will do everything possible to create a circle and get rid of inner anguish through and to put in motion his elbows.

Dependent "crowd- surf -rider"

In some strict places, the crowd-surf-rider could be asked to leave the hall. If not, then this guy will try to “swim” through the crowd to the idol, until people refuse to lift it.

Dispassionate security

You can get totally mad when you see your favorite musician alive. But these guys do not care about you and the artist. Of course, they are at work, but behind them, greatest stories are created.

"I'm on the guest list"

When you stand in line, and the horrible, cold wind blows in your face, this bastard runs ahead, says the name to the guard or informs that someone is waiting for him and disappears. Who is this important person? Usually - a journalist, who did not get an extra ticket for a friend, was late and ran alone.

The guy who takes off his shirt

Even before the culmination, this irritable guy takes off his shirt and loses control on a dance floor. Commonly, he wants to boast of the tattoos or musculature.


This individual stands exactly in one place and looks emotionlessly, pretending that music is not interesting to him at all.

The person constantly capturing video

We all met such. If this is you than take away your smartphone, because you probably will never watch this video.

Occasional listener

This representative knows one or two songs and throughout the whole concert is either chattering or checking the "Instagram". If this is a girl, then she still likes to climb on someone's shoulders just "for fun."

The one who knows all the words

He knows every line and always sings. He periodically looks around to check if everyone sees what a wonderful memory he has.

Crazy Fan

This type of fan is the most loyal and best on earth. Such a person can be met close to the scene jumping joyfully after a long queue on the street. Do not even try to talk to him; he sees nothing, except the idols.

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