5 interesting facts that science can tell us about music

Have you ever wondered which songs are more enjoyable than sex? Science has an answer.

Where would we be without science? Most likely we would be dead. We could have been destroyed by some super disease or devastated by another kind of primates that would have discovered the secrets of science and decided to use them against us.

Anyhow for our existence, we should be grateful to science. It forces the human race to fight, heal diseases, connect people and ask important questions, such as these: are Queen fans the most sensitive? Why do cats hate human music? Can listening to the Nirvana group increase the chances of getting pregnant?

The below studies will help you to dive into the microcosm of music. Nevertheless, opening the secrets of the rhythmic brain takes much longer than just one study, so do not show these facts to everyone around, like some kind of Holy Scripture - these are just proven hypotheses.

Music can really make certain food tastier

Oxford University conducted a "Bittersweet study" in which the scientists suggested that sound can affect the taste of food in much the same way as it the appearance and smell of dishes does. The study showed that, for example, low bass sounds make us feel bitter, while high tones of piano notes can make food taste sweeter.

Queen fans are very sensitive

Cambridge University has selected 4,000 people to participate in various tests, the result of which determined them either in the group of "empathizing" or "systematizing". Empathizing personalities turned out to be those who react to the emotions of other people, and systematizing those who analyze rules and templates to make some decision. With a quick review of the test results, the researchers found that the fans of Jeff Buckley, Queen and Norah Jones were most likely "empathizing", while fans of Metallica and Sex Pistols fell into the category of "systematizing."

Metal fans are happier than everyone else

The psychological magazine "Self and Identity" compared the level of happiness of fans of metal in the 80s with listeners of all other genres. The study showed that the metal fans "were much happier in their youth and have a better life today." The main factor of this, according to scientists, is that "in the metal community, fans and musicians seemed to feel each other as real relatives."

Festival fans pass about 25 kilometers per weekend

The study showed that the average music fan looses about 9,000 calories and passes about 25 kilometers for the festival weekend. No wonder that Glastonbury is always packed to the limit by visitors: if only at one day the fan passes about 8.2 kilometers and looses 3,000 calories, then this is obviously cheaper than a subscription to the gym.

Singing can help you look younger

British doctors have found that musicians can boast of high pulmonary capacity, improved posture, growing mental activity and constantly trained facial muscles, which can help them prolong their outer youth (not to be confused with life-prolonging!).

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