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Bands You Go Back in Time to See Again

The past century has brought many new musical breakthroughs and innovations, some of the bands have become so phenomenal and original that even after their disappearance, the number of fans is not decreasing, but the recognition is increasing. A lot of outstanding musicians, unfortunately, for various reasons, passed away quickly and thus bands stopped their activity, today we make a list of the most prominent groups whose concert we would like to see the most. These special names forever inscribed in the history of music and our hearts – they are eternal legends.

Buddy Holly & the Crickets

The popularity came to Holly in early 1957, when he and his band The Crickets released the single "That'll Be The Day". Within a year and a half, they released singles that are more successful and an album. Unfortunately, at the end of 1958, Holly divorced Crickets, deciding to concentrate on solo work in his studio. Holly was one of the first innovators in the sound of rock'n'roll; he used repeated overlays not only of instruments but also of vocals, experimented with echo and other sound effects. "That'll be the day when I die" is sung in the most famous song of Buddy Holly.

Regrettably, but this day came for the musician very quickly - he was only 22 years old when he died. February 3, 1959, is called "the day when the music died." On this day, three American musicians were killed, flying in one plane: Buddy Holly, Richie Walesa, and Big Bopper. The death of Holly did not become the death of the band as a whole; The Cricket continued to perform further. The new singer of the band was David Box (David Box), and he had almost accurate voice copy of Buddy Holly. On the cruel irony of fate, Box, who by that time became an independent musician, also died in a plane crash on October 23, 1964. After Holly's death, there remained a lot of unexpected material that was released in the 1960's. His guitar techniques strongly influenced The Beatles and many others.


QUEEN is still to be the cult British rock band, which was at the peak of popularity in the 70s of the last century. The group released 16 studio albums, which sold 300 million copies and the performances of legendary musicians were recognized as one of the most massive, bright and unforgettable sights in the history of the world. We Are the Champions, The Show Must Go On, Bohemian Rhapsody, Innuendo, We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga. Well, who from the music lovers do not know these outstanding compositions that made the Queen band so authentically classic.

They became innovators in the production of clips, for the first time using original special effects and testing the methods of installation. To a great regret, the Queen band did not have both hearts and voices at the same time, when Mercury died on November 24, 1991. He bequeathed all the proceeds from the reissue of the Bohemian Rhapsody to the charity fund for the fight against AIDS. And in 5 months the musicians organized a concert of the memory of Freddie Mercury, in which his friends and colleagues George Michael, Elton John, David Bowie, Liza Minnelli and other celebrities performed.


The phenomenon of Nirvana is extremely difficult to comprehend, not taking into account the musical and social situation of the US at the turn of the 80-90's. In 1991, the vast majority of Americans had no idea not only about what was "punk rock", but there was no alternative music for them either. Everything that the American public lived was pop, mainstream rock, and heavy metal. Neither the British punk revolution nor the European preferences have not touched their avant-garde.

Then the Nirvana suddenly has appeared, and everybody immediately likes it! This is not just another grunge-rock band, it's the whole voice of a certain "generation X", whose main performer was the famous and talented Kurt Cobain. Nirvana appeared on the world music skyscraper in the late 80's, flared up with a bright spark, and faded in 1994 along with the death of the main vocalist. Due to its short existence, it managed to get a whole crowd of followers, fans, and Nirvana's recordings were sold in the circulation of more than 50 million copies around the world.

The Doors

The Doors - Los Angeles guys in a short period of time managed to become an incredibly popular, but at the same time a controversial group of the 60's. The merit of their uniqueness in mysterious and mystical texts, as well as the figure of vocalist Jim Morrison. They really broke into rock music with an extraordinary whirlwind, just swept through the tops of the charts and so unexpectedly died out after the death of their charismatic leader. However, many compositions of The Doors still inspire musicians, do not give rest to fans and are pushed to dangerous experiments.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is a legend, who during his lifetime was called a genius musician. He opened a lot of possibilities for a new sound by the electric guitar, becoming the most resourceful and brave virtuoso in the history of rock music. His work has influenced almost all modern musicians, turning into an endless example for imitation. For his incomplete 28 years of earthly life (even more than four of his incomplete past years), he demonstrated to the world, which at the end of the sixties was difficult to surprise, what is this - a real victorious sound of an electric guitar, and the value of this instrument not only for rock music culture, but for world culture in general.

Hendrix's first album Are You Experienced ?, published in 1967 brought him worldwide fame, and such songs as Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, Hey Joe, Are You Experienced? and The Wind Cries Mary became the standards of rock music. Over the next three years, Hendricks released two more albums - Axis - Bold as Love and Electric Ladyland, featuring hits such as "Little Wing", "Voodoo Child", "All Along the Watchtower" (Bob Dylan's cover song) and "Gypsy Eyes. "

Unfortunately, we will never be able to attend concerts of these performers, but we have an incredible opportunity - we can listen to these phenomenal giants and keep their heartfelt ideas and deep emotions, their lifestyle. They made a tremendous contribution to music and art as a whole, and it is difficult to disagree with it. They are worthy to be always in our hearts, and certainly, it will be, because their talent will be appreciated by many generations.

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