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BandsTours Invites to Add & Edit Concert Setlists

Concert tours search engine is proud to present the feature allowing music fans update the setlist of their favorite artists soon after the concert. 

Updating the setlist has never been easier. You just have to navigate to the page of the desired band to add or edit the setlist. There are only three fields required to submit: city, venue, and date of the concert. You may also add the name of the tour if you remember. 

The feature is available for the logged-in website users. At the moment, supports the authorization through twitter and facebook. 

BandsTours are aiming to build a community of dedicated music fans helping each other to have an idea of a possible setlist for a forthcoming concert. 

As a rule, music bands and artists have more or less the same setlist while on tour trying to promote the newly released album and also playing their top hits.  

Knowing this fact, concert goers, eagerly waiting for the upcoming concerts, may check out the artist’s most recent setlist to know what to expect from the gig.

So if you recently have been to a concert, feel free to add the songs that were played on the stage. 

Check out our simple instructions below.

Step 1. Find the page of your favorite artist or band, move over to the "setlist" tab, click the button "add/edit" setlist. 

Step 2. Indicate the city, venue and date of the concert (and tour name if you remember)

Step 3. Put down as many songs as you remeber from the concert. You may add more fields if you need. Fiinally, click "submit" button and you are done!

You may share this setlist with your friends in Facebook or twitter :)

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