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Comparing Best Music Players for Android

Whether you are a musicophile or a casual listener, it is highly important to use convenient application for listening music with satisfactory equalizer, aesthetically pleasing interface and other features. Typically, the default player cannot provide all of these requirements, so you have to resort to additional steps - search music player. Listening to music is one of the top priority tasks that can be handled by virtually any device running Android.

With the development of mobile phones, their technological growth, music players are becoming less popular as separate devices. For mobile devices (Android / iOS) you can download gigabytes of music (mp3, FLAC, Vorbis, etc.) and listen to it in good quality. If the sound quality does not suit you - it's easy to twist the equalizer and thereby make the sound more saturated. Today we offer a brief overview of the best music player for Android, which will surely enhance your listening experience!

The main criteria for choosing are the convenience of the interface, sound quality and stable work with all existing file formats.

Poweramp Music Player

PowerAMP is probably the most famous multimedia player on Android with a simple and intuitive interface. By installing the player on the phone, you get a full set of musical features, necessary for a music lover. The PowerAMP player allows you to sort music by folder, albums, artists, and genres. In addition, you can even create your own playlists for further listening. Among the additional features of PowerAMP should be highlighted fine tune the sound, as the player‘s equalizer is one of the best for Android OS: it contains ten different frequencies switches and one more to adjust the overall volume of the composition, which will correct the sound and hide some flaws. Another great feature of the PowerAMP player is the ability to load covers for each track from the music library. The full version of PowerAMP Music Player Pro will cost a symbolic $ 3. However, it is possible to start with downloading a trial version lasting 15 days.


n7player music player -  is another hugely popular music player for Android with a bunch of good reasons to choose it. The "n7player" main window displays a cloud of artists whose songs are on your phone. By executing the standard two-finger motion for approximation, you will see your own album covers for these artists that the music player builds in a multi-line table. The disadvantage of this interface is the missing or incomplete information about the artist or the song, on the basis of which the grid of covers is built. It is often displayed incorrectly in the player or is not available at all.

The situation is the same with the music grid, sorted by genre. But in order to avoid the indicated inconveniences, in the "n7player" there is a button of the standard kind, which in the form of a note is located at the bottom of the screen. With it, you can filter music by folders, playlists, albums, genres, and artists.  Moreover, there is also available a change of theme in n7player, auto shut-off timer and a variety of other options. Music settings include bass and soprano enhancement, automatic volume normalization, balance and a 10-type sound equalizer for Android with ready-made presets and manual tuning capability. The cost of the full version of the audio player n7player the same as the cost of a cup of coffee - three dollars.

BlackPlayer Music Player

The practicality of BlackPlayer Music Player is its operation does not require heavy expenses of resources of the mobile device, therefore deceleration in the BlackPlayer Music player is not observed. Moreover, BlackPlayer stands out from other players by a large number of interface settings: you can change colors, fonts, animations, as well as customize the display of albums, genres, and artists.

In addition, the application shows lyrics and automatically downloads covers, photos, and artists' bios. In terms of functionality, BlackPlayer will also give odds to many competitors from Google Play. The program has a sleep timer, built-in 5-band equalizer with 10 presets, virtualizer, as well as amplifiers for volume and bass. The application supports FLAC format and is able to scrape music for the BlackPlayer offers three widgets for managing music on the go. Plus, in the application, there is absolutely no advertising.

Pulsar Pro

The first thing about music player for Android Pulsar that attracts the attention is quite restrained classic program interface, not burdened with effects and unnecessary things. Managing the music through the playlist in the audio player is very standard. Among the additional tools are ID3-editor, a convenient music library with the flexible search for audio recordings, folders, genres, performers and other meta tags. For Android users who need fine-tuning of the sound - an equalizer and a multiband tone editor are provided in the player's kit. You can not ignore some of the Internet features of the player, in particular, automatic download of album covers and scrobble. Of the remaining functions: continuous listening, clever playlists, and musical sleep timer.


The next Android player will be interested primarily for the Sennheiser headphones' owners, as the program is developed by this well-known company. This immediately implies that design and functionality are at the highest level. The program allows you to create your own custom profiles and a multifunctional equalizer. The manufacturer, of course, recommends using headphones only their production, but, of course, the player works great with other gadgets. The CapTune interface is very simple and has the assurance of intuitive management, using the settings and switching songs is quite convenient.

Neutron Music Player

One part of the users do not like this player because of a particularly complex design, while others criticize it for small minor bugs. Nevertheless, there is one important indicator of Neutron Music Player successfully competes with other renowned music player representatives on Google Play, including the absolute favorite - Poweramp. Moreover, it is totally about the sound quality. The developer talks about using a high-quality 32/64-bit sound engine, thanks to which it is possible to achieve such great sound on the mobile device. This player is positioned exactly as an application for music lovers, who primarily value quality.

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