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Best Theme Songs That Make A Perfect Movie

Best Theme Songs That Make A Perfect Movie

For most movies, music is an extremely important thing as well as the depth of the actors' play or, for example, the executive director’s work. Undoubtedly, it is the main basis and an integral part. For this reason, we tried to choose such kind of movies, which totally cannot exist without music. So, let us review best theme songs for movies of all time.

Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, 1994

In his debut film "Reservoir Dogs" Quentin Tarantino found his own approach to the idea of the soundtrack, which two years later he perfected in "Pulp Fiction". This approach is that the director does not try to hire a composer to work on music in the film, but simply collects well-forgotten and unobvious hits of his youth or classical rock-and-roll compositions.

Further, it is important to dilute them with witty dialogues and scroll in the story at some important and very suitable moment so that henceforth all these songs are closely associated only with certain scenes in Tarantino's movie. So, for example, who does not fold his fingers with the letter "V" and start moving them before his eyes, like John Travolta on the dance floor when we hear sounds of "You Never Can Tell" by Chuck Berry?

By dint of Tarantino, the second life received not only such singer as Dick Dale, Dusty Springfield, Kool & the Gang and Ricky Nelson, but also half a dozen surf rocker tracks, including "Surf Rider".

Moulin Rouge! by Baz Luhrmann, 2001

Probably, this is the exclusive case in the history of films that in the early 2000s could bring together such great artists as David Bowie, Pink, Christina Aguilera as well, as composers Kevin Gilbert, Craig Armstrong, and Massive Attack.

The song "Come What May" was written for another film by Baz Luhrmann, "Romeo + Juliet" in 1996. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes could perform it, but eventually, the song went to Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. In "Moulin Rouge" sound songs from the movies of the times of the old Hollywood ("Gentlemen prefer blondes"), and compositions of famous pop singers ("Material Girl" Madonna). 

Pirates of the Caribbean 2003-2017

The main theme of "Pirates of the Caribbean" - one of the most recognizable. There are thousands of videos in which musicians, amateurs, beginners and just fans of the franchise play this melody on all sorts of musical instruments.

For writing song were responsible Oscar winner Hans Zimmer and the German composer Klaus Badelt. Then Zimmer said in his interviews that writing music to a franchise is like making a band play rock'n'roll, as pirates were some kind of rockers of old times.

Gladiator by Ridley Scott, 2000

Hans Zimmer has long and deservedly settled in the ranks of the best composers of the world. Among his works, one of the most grandiose and memorable was the soundtrack for the movie "Gladiator" by Ridley Scott. 

This is the rare and beautiful case when the author did not just write a number of compositions, but really imbued with history and passed it through himself, wove a genuine work of art. Special attention should be paid to the piercing vocals of Dead Can Dance soloist Lisa Gerrard and the filigree of Jivan Gasparyan on duduk.


Game of Thrones by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss (2011-...)

The name of the composer Ramin Djawadi was many times flashed in the credits to the sensational blockbusters: "Pacific Rim", "Warcraft", "Iron Man" and more. Still, the most glorious times were waiting for him in the Seven Kingdoms.

The main theme of the series is known even by those who have no idea who John Snow is and what the Iron Throne is made of.  It causes a special thrill when the long-awaited new season starts, foreshadowing the next intrigues, regalia, battles - in a word, everything we like "The Game of Thrones" for. No less beautiful are the compositions that help to feel the drama of this or that brutal scene. For example, a nine-minute romantic melody for piano "Light of the Seven", which accompanied the massacre of the enemies of Cersei Lannister.

Trainspotting by Danny Boyle, 1996

Like the film itself by Danny Boyle, the soundtrack "Trainspotting" can be considered as a certain document of the whole era. The movie combines the compositions of prominent representatives of British music of the 90's - melancholic rock artists (Pulp, Blur, Elastica) and energetic electronics (Leftfield, Underworld).

In addition, Boyle and the company reminded viewers of the classic songs that are perfectly matched with the video sequence and acquire a new meaning - from "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed to "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop.

Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis, 1985

A brave hymn to travelers in the legendary and unpredictable past, which remained the most famous composition of the prolific Hollywood composer Alan Silvestri, is the main theme of the film performed by the Scottish National Orchestra. Background for the first kiss of Marty's parents - the romantic song "Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)" - is another legend.

The quintessence of the style of the 80's - "The Power Of Love" performed by Hugh Lewis - a reminder to greedy inhabitants of the Reagan era, to the devoted consumerists, that money is not powerful. Chuck Berry composes the next song from the movie «Johnny B. Goode».

500 Days of Summer by Marc Webb, 2009

The model hipster love story and the same soundtrack with cult The Smiths band and heart-breaking cover for their song "Please Let Me Get What I Want" by She and Him, where the lead singer is starring actress Zoya Deschanel. Actually, the musical compositions serve in the "500 Days of Summer" not only for the nostalgic atmosphere but also for the plot: having heard in the elevator that the girl is listening to The Smiths, the main character understands he finally fell in love.

But similar tastes do not always mean that you will be together all your life. This bitter truth is flavored in Mark Webb's film by the optimistic and cheerful ballads of Regina Spector. An ideal soundtrack for the end of the relationship.

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