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Guns N 'Roses Collect Ideas for New Album

Guns N 'Roses Collect Ideas for New Album

Guns N 'Roses guitarist Richard Fortus said that the group is currently"collecting ideas" for the new album.

Although the actual work in the studio has not even begun, the band records "a lot of things" that Fortus believes will shape up the foundations of a full album. 

He noted that the material is too good for nothing to flow into. "Now the group is really strong, and I hope that we will do it. I think we all count on this", Fortus said in an interview for Stage Radio. 

Last year, Guns N 'Roses reunited for the first time in two decades in a classical squad with Richard Fortus, Axl Rose (Axl Rose), Slash (Slash) and Duff McCagan (Duff McKagan) all working on new material. The last time Guns N 'Roses awarded their fans with the new album ("Chinese Democracy") in 2008. 

Slash and Duff McCagan have not been featured on Guns N 'Roses records since 1993. Now the Guns N 'Roses legends are on the "Not In This Lifetime" 2017 tour in Europe and the USA.

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