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Highest Paid Musicians in the World

The American magazine Forbes published the annual rating of the world's highest paid musicians, which in 2016 was headed by 26-year-old American singer Taylor Swift, who earned $ 170 million during the same year.

Her leadership in the rating provided a concert tour "1989", launched in May 2015. The total revenue from the Swift concerts in the world exceeded $ 250 million, while $ 200 million was earned only in the US. In addition, more than 3 million records of her last album were sold. A significant contribution to the singer's income brought her royalties for advertising dietary Coke, Apple products, and Keds brand shoes.

The second line in the rating of 2016 was taken by the British group One Direction with an annual income of $ 110 million. Third place in the rating is taken also by British singer Adele, who earned $ 80.5 million for the year, after production of the world's best-selling album "25".

The top ten of highly paid musicians in 2016 also include American singer Madonna (annual income - $ 76.5 million) and Rihanna ($ 75 million), country star Garth Brooks ($ 70 million), rock legends, such as Australian band AC/DC ($ 67.5 million) and the British Rolling Stones ($ 66.5 million), Scottish DJ Adam Richard Viles, known under the pseudonym Kelvin Harris ($ 63 million) and American rapper Sean Combs, better known as Diddy ($ 62 million).

The top 20 of the ranking includes veterans of show business Bruce Springsteen ($ 60.5 million) and Paul McCartney ($ 56.5 million), American country singer Kenny Chesney and Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber ($ 56 million each), Canadian singer of Ethiopian origin The Weekend and Irish rock band U2 ($ 55 million), American Beyoncé ($ 54 million), rapper from the US Sean Corey Korter, better known as Jay Z ($ 53.5 million), American country singer Luk Brian $ 53 million) and British rock band Muse ($ 49 million).

The top 30 most highly paid musicians in the world included American rock band formed by former member of Nirvana Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters ($ 48.5) and country singer from Oklahoma Toby Keith ($ 47.5 million), South Korean pop group Big Bang ($ 44 million ) and British legend Elton John ($ 42 million), American Katy Perry ($ 41 million), American country rock singer Jimmy Buffett ($ 40.5 million), a folk band from London Mumford & Sons ($ 40 million), an American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez ($ 39.5 million) and Canadian rapper Drake ($ 38.5 million).

Taylor Swift previously topped the annual Forbes ranking of the highest-paid singers in the world, and the rating of the highest paid celebrities younger than 30 years in 2016 year.

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