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Want to Download Music Online? Here is How!

Want to Download Music Online? Here is How!

How to download music from the web?

Today, everyone has all mod cons and the opportunity to find their favorite hits on the net, but not everyone owns knowledge about quality sources of music downloads on their phone or computer. For this reason, we will look at the most convenient ways to download music from the net and make your life chirpier. We tried to select the best services that allow you to download music exclusively in high quality. Another important criterion for selection was the ease of use, which also plays an important role. It is worth adding that all of the below methods of downloading music is legal.

Before we start, we should clarify the term Creative Commons. What does it mean? The author of the music has been able to at least legally upload his own tracks, depending on the type of license. That is, the author does not want to protect his work with traditional copyright rights and prohibit any actions with the product without a written permission and chooses another way of exercising the rights - the use of Creative Commons.

Jamendo -

Jamendo is the largest media library with free music. To better get the main Jamendo‘s idea you need to visit their start page, which exactly describes its entire concept. The platform allows you to upload, listen and download music, get the rights to commercially use music. The company uses the freemium model and provides users with the opportunity to use the service and download music for free. Jamendo also sells commercial licenses for the use of music from its catalog and distributes profits to musicians under the scheme of 50/50.

Bandcamp -

This music service is targeted at three categories of users: regular listeners, artists, and labels. The first one comes with a large selection of music from different genres, a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as an easy way to purchase your favorite tracks and albums, and then download them in any of several formats: MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV or AIFF. Musicians can not only upload and download music with Bandcamp but also even make an analog of a full-fledged site. Bandcamp allows you to make a small redesign of the page, place music and merchant for sale, upload videos and add links to other official web pages.

Free Music Archive -

Take advantage of free music archives. Several free, non-commercial sites have legally hosted music available for download to everyone. Here you can find many compositions of different genres, popular performers, and those you have never heard of. By dint of Free Music Archives, you can replenish your collection of music, devoted to the creativity of an artist with rare concert records. Approximately, Free Music Archive is a new site whose goal is to collect all free music releases within a single project.

How to download music from YouTube?

The main mastodon of video hosting on the Internet allows you not only to upload videos and music but also download it. You can find a huge amount of videos and music on YouTube today. However, many users are faced with the problem of downloading MP3 from YouTube. So, how it will be done?

Website Downloader

Few people know, but you can download mp3 from YouTube quite easy and simple. Use a Downloader Website is always a good idea. All you need to do is use a service that will make your life easier. There are many similar sites, the most popular among others are such services, as

Next, you need to find the song you want and copy its URL, Find the converter field and paste the copied URL. Next, you will be prompted to choose exactly what you want to convert, of course, you must find mp3 and select the acceptable bitrate. Everything is done - now you can listen to your favorite song without the wi-fi. Enjoy!

Using Firefox Extensions

Like any other browser, Firefox has a "market" for various extensions that you can install. However, unlike others, Firefox has a handy application to download mp3 via YouTube. Therefore, it is called simple youtube to mp3, you should find it in its extensions and install it (it's free). Then you will be pleasantly surprised because now you will have a new "Download" button below every video. It’s quite perfect for people who don’t want spend a lot of time for Downloader Website.

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