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How to Prepare for a Concert [Simple Yet Effective Guide]

Concert season 2019 is open. Our favorite bands have already scheduled concert lineups and announced the performance dates. We only have to buy tickets and consequently, enjoy the drive of the sound. Nevertheless, each concert has many risks, whether it is Open Air for several thousand people or the performance of young musician with a few dozen audiences. In order to protect yourself and those around you, it is enough to go after the following tips.


In order to maximize the pleasure of your favorite concert, it is necessary to, first of all, adjust to a good mood and be in a funny humor. You will ask if you can not attend a concert in a bad mood? We answer - NO!, leave your bad mood for tomorrow, or better never return to it. Next - knowing the lyrics is also a must-have thing. Is it possible to be at the concert and not sing along with the performer? Learn the texts in advance, be ready.

2.         TICKETS

The ticket is an indispensable part of each well-organized concert. Now they can be purchased in various ways, but they still do not protect their owner from the risk of being deceived by fraudsters. When purchasing a ticket at official distribution points, do not post photos with barcode visible on tickets on the social network. We all understand that the desire to share your joy with the world is very great. On many sites, this barcode is your permission. It can be easily copied from a good photo. Therefore, the organizer of the concert is not responsible if someone will pass on to with your ticket.

3.         FOOD AND DRINKS

In practice, usually during concerts in halls and stadiums food and drinks are selling. Everyone should understand that the prices in the bar or in the tents are always very high. And if you go to the concert for the first time and your plans include bite on the spot, then do not forget to take enough money with you. We also recommend drinking before the concert, because during the show, under certain circumstances, your drink may appear on people who are behind you.

Particular attention is paid to the use of alcoholic beverages. Of course, we do not advise you to drink alcohol before the concert and in general. Firstly, alcoholic drinks have a diuretic effect. Secondly, alcohol contributes to the "extraction of water", so the state of an irresistible thirst comes five times faster. However, most importantly: a drunk is not responsible for himself, this in most cases leads to injuries, both by the person himself and others. In addition, in the end, enjoying music in a sober state is much better!

4.         CLOTHES / SHOES

The main criterion for choosing clothes and shoes is convenience. Girls, in no case, do not choose shoes on the heels. Whatever the frost on the street - in the hall is always hot! Therefore, the best option will be to bring a changeable shoe with you. Going on Open Air is better to pick up a raincoat with you. It does not take much space, but if it rains, it will save you from bad weather and, unlike umbrellas, will not interfere with you or anyone else.


The location of your placement depends on the purpose. For each fan, the purpose of the visit to the rock concert is its own. The largest crowd is always ahead of the stage, the distance may vary from the scale of the concert, at large sites, it is about 300 feet, on small - 50 feet. In addition, if the concert takes place in the club and there is a bar, then there will definitely be a significant hustle. If you do not like the hustle - it is best to be behind the crowd in the area of the sound spreading. If you want to get closer to the stage, take into account our advice. Gently advance forward at the right or left edge, reaching the third or fourth row, smoothly and unobtrusively push into the center of the hall.

This stratagem will help you to be in front of the scene. In case you are a big fan of a band or an artist, it's better for you to be in the center because the best sound is always here. Accordingly, the sound dissipates along the edges. If you definitely want to see the group in front of you, then the best option is the fan zone - it's a dance floor, the area opposite the scene. In some particularly great concerts, it is divided into several zones and fenced from the general mass of listeners.


It is better to go to the toilet beforehand. During the concert, it will be extremely difficult for you to return to your place. Large queues in the toilet arise immediately after the concert. Therefore, it's better to hurry to go to the toilet on the last song, otherwise, after the concert, waiting for a queue can take a long time.

7. ‘EXPECTING TIME’ or DELAY of the concert

Do not expect the concert to begin on time. This is possible only in exceptional cases. There is always a ‘waiting time’ for gathering people. The concert begins when the hall will fill the bulk of the audience. Nevertheless, why not to start earlier? Because there is a timetable for the soundcard for the group. In addition, the preparation of the site at the organizers of time is not enough. In addition, often this preparation lasts practically until the launch of the audience. It is important to understand that the delay of the concert is not guilty of the musicians. The bands itself simply adheres to the rules dictated by the organizers.

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