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How to Surprise Someone with Concert Tickets

If you want to do a good surprise – concert tickets would be a great idea. Just imagine – your favorite artist, you, the thousands of people around you, and everything combines with unforgettable feelings, deep emotions and excitement. Is it better present than that? Is it comparable to something, that you can only buy and put on a table just for a beauty? Those emotions that will give concert's impressions will be remembered for years. And most importantly these gifts will allow a person to feel their uniqueness. Our memories are forever with us!

Concert tickets are the excellent and original gift that you can present to a close friend as well as to your colleagues from work. Visiting musical and cultural events enriches the spiritual world, gives a lot of pleasant emotions, impressions, acquaintances with interesting people. However, one should take into account the tastes of another person. In the summer, everyone wants to get out in nature, so a great option for a birthday gift will be a ticket to the music festival. Autumn, winter, early spring suits for organizing cultural leisure, so feel free to choose interesting concerts in some hall. 

But most interesting is the way of presenting the gift, it can lead different emotions, starting with surprising and ends with euphory. So, how to surprise someone with concert tickets?

1.    Concert Ticket Bracelet

Do a Concert Ticket Bracelet with the name of musician and place and so on. Wrap it into the beautiful box and present it as a jewelry.

2.    Memory Shadow Box

Memory Shadow Box is exquisite idea especially for concert-lovers and persons, who visits a lot of musical events. It will be the beautiful box of memory from all visited concerts.
3. Print out what section you would be in instead of putting the actual tickets. 

With such gift, you will easily surprise your friend and make him guess what it is. By the way, the process of guessing will become even more interesting, as a person firstly would not believe that is true.
4. Put the concert ticket in the balloon. 

This gift is certainly appointed for persons, who loves pompousness, confetti and so on. The idea itself involves placing a ticket inside the balloon, but in addition to the ticket, the rest of the space can also be filled with a lot of sparkles, confetti, and many such lovely things. Do you imagine what a pleasure will be when a person spills a balloon and all of these pieces will spill on him?
5. Ticket Stub Holder or Keepsake/Memory Display. 

The ticket holder may look differently, it depends on your taste. But the most important thing is that it will be with you every day, so presumably, it will fascinate every time you have seen it and remind you about a great event. This thing can also be a unique addition to home decor. 

6. Make it as unexpected discovery. 

Just turn on your imagination and hide the tickets somewhere interesting. Make it easy and imperceptible. When the recipient finds out, he probably will go crazy from such amusement.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Hunting for a gift - what can be more exciting and funny? Instead of simply unpacking a gift a person must go through a series of tasks by opening letters with tips and thinking alone where everything is hidden. This can be pretty romantic and special, so take it into the note.

And in the end, remember that life goes by and many events that could have become the best in life - pass by us. So rush to please yourself and your close friends! We are worth it!

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