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Ideas for What to Do with Old Ticket Stubs 

Do you adore attending musical concerts very often and you got a lot of tickets from the previous shows? Sometimes a small amount of fantasy and free time can make extraordinary things that previously seemed not necessary for you anymore. Now we will show how to make it a reality, therefore we offer the most interesting ideas in order to use your old tickets from music concerts in the most original way. So let's get started.
Ticket Stub Coffee Table

When your friends came to visit you Ticket Stub Coffee Table will be a great sight for them. After all, in such a table will be placed a lot of your events that you visited. And so, you will have much to be proud of and show a lot of achievements and stories. In addition, while sitting and drinking coffee at this table, you can tell your friends a lot of interesting things related specifically to a particular concert.
Ticket Stub Album

Another great idea is Ticket Stub Album, which is very easy to do. It all depends on your preferences and imagination, just take all the old tickets and place it in a beautiful album. Also, you can add different stickers or pictures in it for better visualization.
Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary will be a quite simple solution to the problem of old tickets. Everything is uncomplicated, it's a usual diary, which contains only your concert tickets in chronological order. Of course, such a thing must be done constantly, not at one time. That is, every time, after you visit a concert - you have to fill in a diary and stick a ticket there. It's also an interesting idea if you write your impressions there.
Ticket Stub Frame

The next option is the Ticket Stub Frame - a rather refined and spectacular issue. All your tickets must be assembled on a single board under the glass and hung on the wall in your room. This ticket box will be incredibly interesting to your friends, and in addition, it will be a pleasant memorial for you. It will be possible to see each ticket separately on the frame, which will add to this product more exclusivity and will help you separately remember each concert with particular dates and years, and so on.
Ticket Stub Lamp

If you visit a lot of concerts and you have a lot of tickets, this is the way to use them and decorate the room just for you. The whole point is to collect all tickets to a special table lamp that has an open transparent container underneath to which you can fill up the tickets.
Ticket Stub Jar

The Ticket Stub Jar is a minimalist and easy way, but no less beautiful. With it, you can successfully decorate your home and always remember your past achievements and pleasant impressions of musical concerts.

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