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List of Songs Prince Wrote for Other Artists

List of Songs Prince Wrote for Other Artists

Prince, or real name Prince Rogers Nelson - one of the most influential rock musicians of all time, an integral part of the music industry. His songs had an indelible influence on pop music and the industry behind it. He was the owner of such awards as Grammy, Oscar, the Golden Globe and numerous others.

The name of Prince is captured in the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll since 2004. Moreover, Prince’s compositions will live on both in his own music and in the music he created for other artists.

During his creativity, Prince was related to such music areas as funk, R & B, jazz-rock and many others. In each of them, he was an innovator: he broke all boundaries of styles and mixed them into one eclectic integrity. Critics believe that Prince combines the features of three prominent pioneers: rock and roll - Little Richard, R&B - James Brown and the psychedelic - Jimi Hendrix.

Although Prince is considered primarily as singer and guitarist, also, he played on keyboards and percussion with the same ease, wrote texts and composed songs, was a marvelous producer. He was the author of hits for other performers, including 'Manic Monday' for The Bangles and 'Nothing Compares 2 U' for the band The Family, which Sinéad O'Connor has made world-famous.

While he was making albums of his own, Prince, a prolific songwriter, and musician, also wrote and produced songs for other artists. In addition, some of them turned into major hits. Let's go over all those remarkable songs actually written by Prince for other artists.

The Bangles - Manic Monday

The Bangles are an all-female band started in the early 1980s. This was the first hit of this women's group, rising to second place in the US charts. For this song, his pen name was just Christopher.

Stevie Nicks - Stand Back

The name of Prince was not indicated on the album 'Wild Heart' (1983), which included Stand Back, but the singer considers his contribution invaluable. She claims that the composition, not so strictly adhering to someone else's structure, has since 'belonged' to Prince.

Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U

It was originally written for the debut album of the funk group The Family, created by Prince. According to the most common version, Prince was inspired by the unfortunate love story of one of the members of The Family. He allegedly broke up with the girl, because of what he suffered for a long time. The song was released in 1985, however, has not been very successful. A new round in the history of the song 'Nothing Compares 2 U' occurred in 1989 when Sinead O’Connor performed the cover version. Released in January 1990, the single climbed to the tops of one and a half dozen charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

Alicia Keys - How Come You Don't Call Me

The song appeared on the debut album of singer 'Songs in a Minor', which became seven times platinum. The song itself was not particularly noticed at first, but eventually, it rose to the 59th line in the US chart of the 100 most popular compositions of the year. Originally she appeared in 1982 on Prince's album '1999'.

Madonna - Love Song (Feat. Prince)

Prince appeared on the track "Love Song" from the album Like a Prayer. Madonna wrote this song in co-authorship with Prince, he also recorded on it singers and guitar parts. In 2005 Madonna used some words from this song for her single Hung Up.

Chaka Khan - I Feel for You

For the first time, Prince issued the song 'I Feel for You' on his second studio album 'Prince' in 1979. But that's not obscure, the song became a big international hit in the hands of singer Chucky Khan in 1984. New Musical Express placed the song 'I Feel for You' by Chaka Khan on the 392nd place of the list of '500 Greatest Songs of All Time' in 2014.

Morris Day and The Time - Jungle Love

Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls

Celine Dion With This Tear

Cyndi Lauper - When You Were Mine

'When You Were Mine' is a song written and released by Prince on his 1980 album, Dirty Mind.

Martika - Love Thy Will Be Done

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