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Most popular pop songs of all time

Most popular pop songs of all time

A great song does not attempt to be anything — it just is. Especially this statement concerns pop-compositions, which are where the greatest demand lie. Originally, pop was focused on the larger population since the word 'pop' itself implies huge popularity. Of course, not every pop-performers without exception or the bands have been wondering about being popular and extremely famous, but eventually, everything simply goes to the way it should be. And the listener's heart is the main indicator.

Indeed, this particular area of music is so diverse that it is hard to name its specific features and it's safe to say that it's not hard rock, not jazz, not hip-hop and etc. In a nutshell, considering pop music, as something unique, we are more likely to use the exception method. Pop music is quite simple from a technical point of view, but taking into account the fact that it is bellowed by almost everyone and almost everywhere, it conceals something much deeper: ideas, experiences, emotions of millions of human beings. Accordingly, it has a great power.  These songs are really close to us, that's why we love pop music. Even total fans of rock, hip-hop, or any other genre at least once in their lives sensed specific kind of emotions by listening to the pop compositions smooth motive.

Therefore, we offer the best of the most exciting and most compelling songs to your attention. Enjoy our collection of the most popular pop songs of all time.

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