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Simple Plan's latest video spiced up their 2017 Tour

Simple Plan's latest video spiced up their 2017 Tour

The Canadian pop-punk band Simple Plan released the fifth studio album at the end of 2016. “Taking One for the team” - their typical lyrical rock album, if judging by the “Perfectly Perfect”. The track tells us the story what it is like to be in love. They are trying to convey the importance of showing love to your partner despite the moments of adversity, to see the beauty there where others can only see the flaws.  Black and white video also shows the stories of different couples as an example. The clip has already got millions of views from the start. Congrats, Simple Plan! 

Meanwhile, the Simple Plan continue their USA tour. Don’t miss the last summer days and go to one of the concerts to see Simple Plane live. Upcoming concerts will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio Indianapolis, Indiana Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fill free to get tickets for you and your friends BandsTours.

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