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Six great songs devoted to ordinary men

Almost all the performers, asked about the real person, to whom the song is devoted, try to find a way to evade the answer: to protect someone's private life or to keep intrigue.

Here are six short stories of people immortalized by music.

Pulp - "Disco 2000"

"Oh we were born within one hour of each other, Our mothers said we could be sister and brother, Your name is Deborah, Deborah." Real Deborah was the daughter of Jarvis Cocker mother`s close friend. In 2014, Cocker performed the song on her 50th birthday, but unfortunately, Deborah Bone died at the very end of 2014, a few days after her name was added to the New Year's honorary list of Great Britain.

The Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby"

At first, Paul McCartney explained the choice of the song title simply by the fact that he liked the name of Eleanor Rigby. Later, in the cemetery near St. Peter's Church, where Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met, the grave of a woman with this name was discovered. McCartney explained this coincidence by the fact that he probably unconsciously remembered the name from the tombstone. The real Eleanor Rigby did not live in sadness and loneliness, but died from an intra-cerebral hemorrhage when she was only 44 years old.

Franz Ferdinand - "Michael"

The intriguing and erotic single of Franz Ferdinand "Michael" with lines " Michael you're the boy with all the leather hips, Sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips, Michael you're the only one I'd ever want, Beautiful boys on a beautiful dance-floor" is about a real friend of Alex Kapranos Michael, who likes the song. The frontman commented: "It was a hot night, and two my friends spent it in a very sexy way." The name of the second friend is withhold.

Glasvegas - "Geraldine"

Geraldine Lennon was a social worker along with the sister of James Allan Denise, to whom he dedicated the lines "I will, I will turn your tide, Do all that I can to heal you inside, I'll be the angel on your shoulder, My name is Geraldine, I'm your social worker." Lennon herself comments on the song: "Usually, social workers are remembered only when everything goes wrong." This song is probably the most special thing that anyone has ever done and will do for me. "

Kiss - the "Plaster Caster"

The song is written about the ill-famed American plastic sculptor Cynthia. In the 1960s, Cynthia made plaster casts of rock musician’s penises. Now she expands the range of her works and sculpts the breasts of famous women.

The Knack - "My Sharona"

This is one of the few songs of The Knack, which are still remembered. The composition was written after Doug Figer saw a 16-year-old clothing store employee Sharon Alperin. The fact that Doug was with his girlfriend did not stop him from inviting Sharon to get acquainted with his group. When Sharon came, she heard the musicians rehearse the song "My Sharona". And although Doug and Sharon found other companions for themselves, they remained friends, and in 2010 Alperin spent together with the dying of lung cancer Figer his last hours.

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