Ten albums with the most skillful producing

Some albums become great and others are a total failure while the quality of music may be almost equal. We made a list of 19 albums that became great thanks to their skillful producers.

The Beatles - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967)

Producer George Martin helped the Liverpool Four to drop the usual rules of pop music when recording the eighth studio album. As a result, an orchestral Baroque-pop masterpiece was produced, which has no peers.

Nirvana - "In Utero" (1993)

After the success of "Nevermind", Kurt Cobain wanted to create something that would hate the ordinary MTV viewer.  Steve Albini acted as a producer, who was a supporter of an aggressive, "live" recording, which helped the trio to achieve that gross, guttural sound they wanted.

PJ Harvey - "Let England Shake" (2011)

Already working with bands like Nick Cave&The Bad Seeds, The Smashing Pumpkins and even Polly Jean, the producer Mark Ellis (Flood) was well acquainted with the dramatic tension. In "Let England Shake," the Londoner took PJ Harvey's stories of social unrest and uncovered the mystical core of the record, creating a masterpiece that received the "Mercury Prize."

Scarlett Johannsen - "Anywhere I Lay My Head" (2008)

Dave Saytek, a member of the band TV On The Radio, having a demo that the performer herself called "awful", managed to create a passionate and atmospheric world by raising the album to a whole new level thanks to the cover design of the album.

Deftones - "White Pony" (2000)

Although Terry Dayt has already participated in the creation of both previous albums of the Deftones band ("Adrenaline" and "Around The Fur"), he went all out in the album "White Pony". Giving freedom to the band's experiments, he created an album that combined elements of metal, shuegaze, and trip-hop with no sense of redundancy.

N.E.R.D - "In Search Of ..." (2002)

In the original version, the NERD debut included a drum machine and was more electronic, but in the 2002 re-release, it was accompanied with live and heavy sound. 

Nas - "Illmatic" (1994)

Christopher Martin (DJ Premier) accurately understood the atmosphere of Nas debut recording, which transferred the motifs of Queen lyrics to the life of the pale streets of New York with the clatter of the metro wheels and howling sirens. It is one of the greatest debuts in the world.

Michael Jackson - "Thriller" (1982)

You cannot underestimate the contribution of Quincy Jones to the best work of Jackson: he introduced the focus and warmth into the fountain of ideas of the Music Icon at the peak of his career.  Its unforgettable mystic atmosphere is especially noticeable on the track with the same name “Thriller”.

The Smiths - "Strangeways, Here We Come" (1987)

The swan song of the band is the result of a joint "escape" of Stephen Street and Johnny Marr from their so-called "noisy din" in the direction of something more complicated. Inspired by the "White Album" of The Beatles, the band used electronic saxophones and strings for an ideal farewell.

Radiohead - "OK Computer" (1997)

Producer Nigel Godrich, often called the "sixth member of Radiohead", is an integral part of the band`s activity. The key sources of inspiration for OK Computer were Tom York, the florid styles of Ennio Morricone and Miles Davis, and the producer's "think along the way" method provided an ideal setting for the group's endless ideas.

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