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The Best Manchester Bands of All Time

We prepared a short list of bands from Manchester, which deserve your close attention.

The expression "Manchester music" has become symbolic, taking into account the activity of the significant bands in this city. It is practically impossible to fit the unique Manchester scene of the 70's, 80's, 90's and nowadays in one list. But we did a try!

The Stone Roses

The best time to be a fan of The Stone Roses is right now. In 2016 the group, whose self-titled debut album was released in 1989 and combined guitar rock, dance music and rave culture, announced a number of concerts, including the "T In The Park" festival.

The 1975

Earlier this year, in an interview of “Gigwise”, Peter Hook compared The 1975 with Hall & Oates. We do not know if it was a compliment, but the band's recent release is a bizarre and outstanding mix of Bowie, Prince and, of course, The 1975. Moreover, they are going to impress the world with their upcoming second album, called "I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It ".

The Chemical Brothers

Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands are from London, but in school Simons was fond of New Order and The Smiths, and moved to Manchester in his teenage years. Rowlands followed him soon, who wanted to plunge into the environment of the club "Hacienda". However, the music they began to do together was not much like the works of their heroes. Their eighths album “Born In The Echoes”, released by the Chemical Brothers previous summer, proves that they know how to stay popular.

Everything Everything

The group intends, in their own words, "to avoid clichés that everyone expects from white guys with guitars from Manchester." If you are ready to forgive the boys for their disdainful tone, Everything Everything can offer you a lot of interesting things. Their third album, "Get To Heaven", released in 2015, might be their best work to date.

Happy Mondays

When Happy Mondays were shown on television in 1990, they resembled the Beatles from "Strawberry Fields". 25 years have passed, and Happy Mondays, along with their eccentric dancer and percussionist Baz, are stick to guns.


Lonelady began to record her music, mixing the echoes of post-punk with elements of dance music and funk, on a cassette tape recorder with four tracks, sitting in the apartment of a multi-storey building, and has since grown into one of the most interesting and unique musicians to date.


Courteeners have known each other since the age of ten, they grew up in Middleton, were later their first concert took place. Thanks to the feedback of those who heard the band, in 2006 the guys managed to gain popularity, and since then their expressive indie rock has always been in demand.


The youngest group of this list is Money was formed in 2011 and released the debut album "The Shadow Of Heaven" a few years later. They do not like to be called the "band from Manchester" and they say: "None of us likes these bands. Some think that we try to bring some romantics to the image of this city, such as it was in the past". With romantics or not, Money definitely deserves fame.

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