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The Best Movie & Video Games Soundtracks

Music plays an important role in creating an atmosphere of the game or cinema. Today's article we want to devote to the most recognizable soundtracks. Devote to melodies, which are firmly associated with your favorite movie and your favorite game even decades later. Since music is primarily a subjective matter and much depends on personal preferences, in this list we will not arrange compositions according to their rating. We just list the tracks that from the first chords remind us of a certain movie, or game.

The Bodyguard 1992, Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

The song "I Will Always Love You" was written in 1973 by singer Dolly Parton, who sang it first. Dolly won several awards with the song, but the composition received the greatest popularity and crossover success after the release of the film The Bodyguard in 1992. Thanks to Whitney Houston's strong vocals, the song became incredibly popular, winning several awards at the same time ("Grammy" for the best record of the year and the best female pop vocals).

Friends 1994-2004, The Rembrandts- I'll be there for you

The Rembrandts wrote the song ‘I’ll Be There’ for You’ especially for the television sitcom Friends. It is quite expected that the huge popularity of the show was reflected in the modest American group. The Rembrandts began to give a lot of concerts, but in 1997 the collective disintegrated. Apparently, the soundtrack to "Friends" was their best work. Well, they are not the first and not the last, who can be called one hit wonders.

Léon: The Professional 1994, Sting - Shape of My Heart

The song «Shape of my heart» by Sting's sound during the final thriller "Leon" titles. The popularity of the film has led to the fact that many people associate the track with the creation of Luc Besson.

Star Wars - John Towner Williams

For the first time a musical theme entitled "The Imperial March" appeared in the movie "Star Wars. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back» and is one of the most recognizable musical compositions.

 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966, Ennio Morricone

Spaghetti Western movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ was the third and final installment in the ‘Dollars Trilogy’, following ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ and ‘For a Few Dollars’ shot by Sergio Leone in 1966. According to Leone, 40% of the success of the film depends on the music. The director wanted to distance himself from traditional symphonic arrangements in the direction of something more exotic. He invited Ennio Morricone and asked to write music without a script, only on the basis of general ideas about the future film. The result was spectacular and unexpected - Morricone wrote one of the most famous soundtracks in history, which revolutionized the film music. Firstly, he was not tied to any particular style, choosing the path of eclecticism. Secondly, the approach to the instrumental palette was eclectic. The composer combined both acoustic and electronic instruments and also used vocals as a tool.

Trainspotting 1996, Underworld - Born Slippy

The popularity of the soundtrack increased the popularity of the film - here you will hear David Bowie, Primal Scream, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Pulp, and Blur, and of course one of the hymns of the disobedient youth of the 90s - Born Slippy by Underworld.

Soundtracks for films and TV series have found their place in the music library, music lovers and collectors but the music from video games in this plan was less fortunate: it is deprived of attention and completely in vain. Melodies from computer games are not just a set of sounds and a successful arrangement. For any gamer, the best soundtracks from games have long ceased to be something ordinary and have become a real cult.

No Man's Sky OST - Supermoon

The small team of British developers decided to arrange each personal "Star Trek", creating a system of 18 quintillion planets with procedurally generated content. Between the planets, one must move, trying to get to the center of the galaxy or simply exploring the worlds. Game developers for writing the soundtrack were strengthened by the support of 65daysofstatic, who were previously seen for writing full-length albums, soundtracks (though to the unreleased films, but it's not so important).

Assassin’s Creed

Music authored by Jesper Kyd won the hearts of listeners after the release of the game Assassin's Creed II, which tells of the difficult fate of a simple Italian guy Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Instrumental compositions with periodic melodic background howls are immersed in the time of Leonardo da Vinci and perfectly convey the emotional throwing of the protagonist and the atmosphere of the Renaissance.

Silent Hill, Composer - Akira Yamaoka

Along with Resident Evil, Silent Hill is one of the longest-running survival horror series that has emerged in the history of video games. In Silent Hill for the first time on PS1, the soundtrack was raised to the absolute: for the first time we began to fear not only what we saw but were frightened by what we heard (or on the contrary did not hear). However, the merit of composer Akira Yamaoka is not only in this.

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