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The Greatest Boy Bands of All Time

Music - perhaps one of the best inventions of mankind. It accompanies us everywhere and every time, with the help of several notes, collected in a beautiful sequence, you can cause a wide variety of emotions - from love, romance and joy, to sadness and even anxiety. And speaking of positive emotions, the boy band always could please us and bring something good to the world of music. We have prepared a list of 10 boy bands that have won the hearts of fans all over the world in the past, who are doing it now, and who are just going to become the idols of all the girls.

Jackson 5
About this band, it could be said only one thing - they were able to get into the top 40 British charts with 23 their singles! But most importantly - this band gave the world Michael Jackson. Since 1970, each single of the band was at least in the top 20 Billboard, each of the members of Jackson 5 managed to appear solo on the cover of a glossy magazine. In the end, the band became trapped from their record companies and in 1976, Jackson 5 broke the contract with Motown label, moving under the wing of CBS, the group was forced to change the name to simply The Jacksons, so even the right to the name that brought them popularity was left for the label's properties.

Two years later they again changed the record company and again were forced to defend the rights of their songs and promotional products. Yet in the eighties, they still released several commercially successful singles. Nevertheless, already in 1982, Michael Jackson recorded his album Thriller and from that moment on the Jacksons actually, lose one of their members. After the death of Michael, the group was reunited to conduct a series of concerts in memory of their most eminent participant.

Boyz II Men
In 1991, they recorded their first album Cooleyhighharmony and they immediately caught up with success. The hearts of housewives and lonely girls began to beat faster, as soon as four Californian young guys in white T-shirts, began their sweet trills of love. In 1994, the band released their second and also commercially successful album, but after that, their popularity was declining.

Take That
For five years Take That forced the hearts of their fans to beat faster. In those early years of their existence, Take That even managed to win the informal title of "the most influential British band since the Beatles' time, according to the BBC. Later, the group achieved success worldwide, but just when it seemed that the whole planet was at their feet - Robbie Williams remembered his own ambitions and announced his departure from the group. Of course, only a successful career further waited for him, unlike his former colleagues in the group. Take That announced the disintegration in 1996, but later in 2010 briefly reunited with Robbie and released a record Progress - highly praised by critics.

Backstreet Boys 
If anyone thought of taking all the printed posters of the Backstreet Boys and laying down a fire, the flame would surely be visible even in space. Crazy popularity came to the group not immediately. The first single won high places only in the countries of Central Europe. But after the release of a full-fledged album, the whole world started talking about them or simply everybody, like the Backstreet Boys themselves sang in the song. The second album, titled Millenium, only strengthened the success. The group entered the top performers, was nominated for Grammy in five categories. Soon the group announced a break in their activities, and in the future they did not manage to return to the previous level.

'N Sync
Strangely enough, but here is a very similar biography of the Backstreet Boys. The same producer, the same winning hearts of fans in Germany, where their single is the second in the national chart, and released after a while album No Strings Attached for the first week sold in a circulation of 2.4 million copies. But after just two years, Justin Timberlake leaves the group, and 'N Sync decided not to continue the activity.

One Direction
Many people associate with this British collective the beginning of a new wave of growing popularity of boy bands. The guys first met on the show The X Factor, where each of them came with the desire to start a solo career. However, the judges decided to unite the guys in one group under the uncomplicated name One Direction and did not lose. Although the team won only the third place on the TV competition, the application for pre-ordering their debut single What Makes You Beautiful left a record number of people.

The lineup includes Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. One Direction became world famous after the release of the debut album Up All Night in early 2012. The single What Makes You Beautiful topped the world charts and the album won first place on the American national album chart Billboard200. For the first time, the debut album of the British band took such a high position in the American chart, which was noted in the Guinness Book of Records. Moreover, this is the first group in the history of music, the four first albums of which occupied the first lines in the Billboard 200 chart.


Four fellow classmates from Sydney began to record video and publish on the Internet cover versions of famous hits in their performance. This was the first step towards the great success that the group enjoys today among young people around the world. In 2013, the One Direction group chose them for the support during their world tour: together the boyz bands traveled the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The debut album of 5 Seconds of Summer with the same name in the first week of sales was in the first place of the prestigious Billboard 200 chart. 

British boyz-band appeared in 2009 and began its smooth ascent to the heights of world charts. It includes five members: a football player, a model, an unsuccessful geographer, a record holder in the Guinness book as the teenager with the most powerful voice in the world and the title of the most attractive male vegetarian in the human rights organization PETA. 

Jonas Brother
Two brothers Kevin and Nick changed the idea of what a classic boy-band could be. They started their careers not as a producer project, but as a group performing Christian music. As a result, their long creative search resulted in a stunning success - shooting in the series and films of the Disney channel and the constant sold-out at American stadiums. Unfortunately, in 2013 the guys decided to put an end to the group's history. In their own words, they could not solve long overdue contradictions. 

Boys Bend from Ireland came out on top of the UK charts fourteen times (the third achievement in history, after Elvis Presley and The Beatles). Moreover, all seven of the band's first singles debuted at the top of the charts, which earned the performers enormous popularity and, of course, gave love to teenage and female audiences. However, in 2011 the band announced the completion of their careers. 

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