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14 Hottest Female Pop Stars of the World

Beauty will save the world, and it is difficult to disagree with this, but after all the concept of beauty is different for everyone. But still we took a chance and this time gathered for you the most beautiful representatives of pop music. Today our article is about the most beautiful singers of all time.


Born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, she quickly became one of the most successful singer in the style of R'n'B, a music producer, actress, dancer, and model. Firstly, she was famous in the late 1990s, as a soloist of the female R & B band Destiny's Child. At this moment she is considered to be the main beauty icon. It is quite obvious that Beyoncé has received her great attraction from nature, but in order to maintain her blossoming appearance, the singer regularly dances, visits the pool, eats a lot of greenery and often smiles, and also tries not to use cosmetics at all. But, in the opinion of the singer herself, the woman truly has the beauty of having a happy family.

Jennifer Lopez

The sparkling Latin singer, actress, and mother of two children Jennifer Lopez is included in the ratings of the sexiest and most beautiful celebrities of the world every year. And to stay in places of honor, the singer is supported by proper nutrition, regularly engaged in sports and aromatherapy. The inhalation of grapefruit essential oil significantly reduces appetite and cares about the slender waist of the singer.

Selena Gomez

Young Texas origin dance-pop singer and actress Selena Gomez continues to please her fans with her beauty and freshness. Selena considers olive oil the main secret of a luxurious and attractive appearance. From it, she makes various masks for the face and hair.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys (born January 25, 1981, New York) is a singer, pianist, poet, and composer, performing in rhythm and blues styles, winner of fourteen Grammy Awards. Such a bright, extraordinary and stunning American singer has been blowing the hearts of her fans for many years. "Beauty is, above all, your inner world" - this is exactly what the singer likes to repeat. And the best assistants in preserving her beauty, Alicia considers massage and meditation.


Stunning British singer Adele is a living proof that women with non-standard forms can also look like a million. Impeccable style and neatly laid locks make her one of the most charming female singers of our time. And the secret of its attractiveness is the retro arrows on the eyes that Adel draws by her own hands.


The Colombian singer Shakira looks very closely at her appearance, does sports and dances, drinks a lot of fluids and prefers healthy food such as vegetables and seafood. And it is worth adding that Shakira smiles a lot and enjoys life. Maybe that's why the singer looks much younger than her real age.


(born February 20, 1988, Barbados) - R & B and pop singer and actress. At the age of 16, she moved to the United States to start a singer's career. Later, she signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings. Rihanna impresses not only with her hits but also with a chic appearance. She is not afraid to experiment with both dresses and hair color. Ironically, sports are not the best friend of the singer. For this reason, Rihanna prefers jogging than debilitating fitness.

Britney Spears

The most popular American pop singer of the 2000s Britney Spears at the peak of her career looked very appetizing. Two pregnancies and frequent depressions could not but affect her appearance. But the singer has taken herself in hand and has put in order not only the soul but also the body.

Taylor Swift

American pop and country singer Taylor Swift very successfully transferred this style to her appearance. Luxurious bangs, hats and cowboy boots, all this is present in the wardrobe of the star. But the main highlight of her image is a bright red lipstick.

Christina Aguilera

The most beautiful blonde of musical beau monde Christina Aguilera is a real secular lioness. Her marble skin color and blond curls still make millions of men crazy. To always have silky hair, she uses hair masks with algae and black caviar.

Katy Perry

Dazzling brunette Katie Perry could not boast of such a charming look as now. In the past, the singer had skin problems, but thanks to the Proactiv system, Katy achieved an amazing result. And to raise a good mood, Katy Perry always uses her favorite perfume with the aroma of musk and vanilla.

Miley Cyrus

Sometimes, to see the beauty, you need to work hard. Behind the shocking appearance, the evoking behavior, the bright style of clothing and the numerous piercings are hidden the tender and pure, such vulnerable beauty of the singer Miley Cyrus. Several times a week Miley is on Pilates, it helps her to stay in great shape. And to cope with the appetite helps her fruit smoothies and nuts.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani (born October 3, 1969, Fullerton, California, USA) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and occasionally designer. The soloist of the musical ska-rock band No Doubt (since 1986), the winner of 46 musical awards. The famous singer of the legendary band "No doubt", the charming Gwen Stefani was not always such a stylish and refined singer as now. At the dawn of her career, Stephanie liked to express her worldview in bright costumes and original hairstyles. Now from the rebellious and scandalous in the image of the singer, there was no trace. Today, Gwen Stefani is a true style icon. Blond curls and red lipstick are the distinctive features of the singer.


But, special attention should be paid to Madonna - a recognized sex symbol of several generations. On August 16, the pop diva turned 59, and she is still young and beautiful. Madonna went from a girl in the style of "punk" 80's to the approximate mummy of the 90's, while not for a moment losing her stellar status and popularity. It seems that she tried all the fashion trends in beauty, most of which became so after her presentation.


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