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How to Take Pictures at a Concert [Basics & Useful Tips]

How to Take Pictures at a Concert [Basics & Useful Tips]

With a well-done photo during the concert, you can easily remember your experiences and feelings at that very moment from the past. A picture showing your favorite concerts will bring you joy for a long time, not to mention the fact that the picture can be shared with friends and close persons with an aim to tell them these outstanding feelings of life.

Consequently, the following statement is made that the photo during the concert must be perfect, but how to achieve exactly this result? Now, we will quickly tell you how to make successful photos during the performance of your favorite artist or band

The technical side of photography takes the first place. Of course, everything depends on how professional your camera is, or how good the camera is, but if you follow these simple rules, you can take a good shot using mediocre properties of technology. 

By itself, light affects the light sensitivity and endurance of the camera. Due to this, you can reduce the diaphragm, to make the photo clearer. In the absence of light, you need to increase the diaphragm, which will affect the sharpness of the photo. As an alternative, it is possible to raise the photosensitivity without changing the diaphragm, but in this case, the quality of the photo will be worse.

If you want to use your phone for photos, then we recommend that you take a look at the camera settings and maximize ISO.

Set White Balance

White Balance is another potential disadvantage of phone camera when shooting in low light. Most cameras automatically adjust the white balance before turning on the shooting application. If your photos look unnatural, try manually changing the settings to increase the quality of the shooting in this light.

The second part is a photo composition. Use the "third rule basis " for a good composition. You can, of course, grab an object in the center of an empty frame, but real professionals do not, so you do not need to easier. Instead, use the "third rule basis ", imagining the vertical and horizontal lines separating the screen as in the field for the "cross-hairs" game.

Check the background

While you can focus on someone's face, be sure to check the background of the photo. Objects looking at someone else's head can distract attention from what you actually wanted to capture in a photo.

Use flash with care

Although the flash in many situations helps to solve the problem with lighting, too high brightness can make people in the picture look like a ghostly. It's best to just take two shots just in case - one with a flash, the other is not. Later you will be able to see both options and choose the best. Or do not use the flash at all and use the following tips.

Keep your phone upright  

Hold the phone steady in your hands while you take pictures to avoid blurring in the images. There are several ways to ensure a steady position of the camera. Some phones use a built-in accelerometer that senses the movement of the device to take a picture only when the camera is at rest. Be sure to turn on this feature on your phone if it is equipped with an accelerometer. To keep your body and phone stable, hold your smartphone with two hands, and hold your hands along the body. If there is a surface near you, such as a table or shelf, use it as a support.

Use HDR mode

Another option supported by modern phones is the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. Using HDR, you can capture a much wider range of tones and colors, which results in better picture quality than when using your phone's flash.

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