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Top-10 Legendary Concerts of All Time

People visit music concerts for emotions. And some events turn into unforgettable endeavors due to its weirdness. We have made a compilation of the most outstanding live performances the world has ever seen. 

The Beatles: "Concert on the Roof", January 30, 1969
The Beatles gave an improvised performance on the roof of Apple Studios. Classics such as "Get Back" and "Do not Let Me Down" shocked London before the police interrupted the performance. "I hope we passed the test" – Lennon said sarcastically. It was the last time the Liverpool four played together.

Blur: Hyde Park, London, 2 July 2009
After the departure of Graham Coxon in 2002, it looked like to be the end of their activity. But in 2008 Coxon and Albarn settled their disagreements and revealed plans for a future short tour. Tickets for the concert in Hyde Park were sold out within two minutes, which foreshadowed the second show and attention from a whole new generation of fans.

Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock, August 18, 1969
Hendricks played for two hours during the festival, which is the longest in his career. However, this is the only thing that became a grand event on the festival in retrospect. Hardly anyone actually saw the way he came on the scene on Monday morning, after most people had left.

Muse: Wembley Stadium, London, June 16, 2007
Muse was the first band to sell tickets for the performance at the newly renovated Wembley Stadium. They prepared a complex show, consisting of many details, including giant satellites and air dancers attached to balloons.

Arctic Monkeys: First concert in London Astoria, 2005
They sold out tickets in advance due to the high interest of the public in one limited single. When Arctic Monkeys arrived, someone threw a jar on the stage, and Alex Turner shouted: "If someone throws another damn jar, we will close the show!". No object has been thrown afterward.

Radiohead: Glastonbury 1997
This is what the founder of the festival, Michael Ives, called "the most inspiring concert of the festival for 30 years." Overcoming the bad weather and lots of technical problems, the Radiohead group hypnotized the audience with a strong performance of new songs from "OK Computer" and other classic albums, such as "Creep".

Nirvana: Reading Festival 1992
It was the last concert of Nirvana in Britain. Joking about the public assumptions on his mental health, Kurt Cobain was taken to the stage in a wheelchair before joining the rest and played a powerful set consisting of old and new songs.

Eminem: Manchester Evening News Arena, 2001
This event strikes fear in the hearts of "Daily Mail" readers. This evening Slim Shady staged his execution and marched with a chainsaw and hockey mask, which everyone remembers. The scandal concert was organized by gay men and feminists.

The Strokes: London Astoria, February 3, 2001
It was London debut of The Strokes, playing as beginners at the "NME Awards" ceremony. The band was praised as the most important group of the new millennium.  They performed future hits "Last Night" and "New York City Cops" from their first record "Is This It", which was later voted as the album of the 2001 year by NME readers and journalists. 

Sex Pistols: Concert on the River Thames, London, 1977
The Sex Pistols sang their songs sailing down the Thames to celebrate the "Silver Jubilee" of the Queen of England. The performance "Anarchy In The UK" (during which they were slowly drifting past the Parliament building) was the defining moment in the punk rock uprising that ended with the concert when the boat was overtaken by the police.

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