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Top 100 Oldies Songs of All Time to Enjoy

Top 100 Oldies Songs of All Time to Enjoy

Music always has its own epoch and generation, which is distinguished not only by the technical development of the sound but also by the general atmosphere and certain emotions from that time. Most likely, we can call ''old music'' those pieces, which appeared a few decades ago and possibly during the youth of our grandparents. From the other side, the word "old" does not fit correctly in the case of the music characterization, because music is precisely devoid any process of aging and always remain alive. 

Today the focus of our attention will be precisely on the niche that music, which is considered to be old. Rock'n'roll, jazz, blues and other directions, which are very different from the music we hear today. Moreover, we will consider the best among the best - those that were worthy of attention at the time of their creation and dozens of years after that.

Musically, those times were an exciting time. The Rock 'n' Roll spilled from the US to Europe and many young people gratefully accepted the novel rebellious nature of the music. Musicians such as Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lee Lewis stormed the charts worldwide and sprayed the lifestyle of a youth protest culture that never existed before.

In the 60s, the music showed its wild side. In general, life after the economic miracle years was more colorful and wilder. Many students and civil rights activists fought for more freedom and women's independence. This was also reflected in fashion. The women caused a sensation with brightly colored colors and psychedelic patterns on their clothes.

If you would like to go on a musical journey into the 50s, 60s - the following top 100 oldies songs of all time will be a perfect choice. Let's Rock Rock Rock, Let's Roll Roll Roll ...

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