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Where to Get Cheap Concert Tickets Online

How often do you face up with the problem when the ticket to your favorite band's or artist's concert costs too much? Alternatively, have you been in such situations when you bought a ticket at one price, and then it turned out that it could have been much cheaper? Of course, in order to better understand the system of ticket sales, you need to have some knowledge and a lot of experience in this area.

However, we have decided to save not only your money, but also your time, so we present all possible ways of buying tickets with a few tips and handy tricks. Finding cheap entertainment is all about knowing where to look, but it is also about patience. If you are unwilling to take the risk of buying second-hand tickets, you essentially have to purchase tickets right when they go on sale.

Therefore, the very first thing that you have to remember is the date when the tickets of the desired event will go on sale. After that, use the online service that you prefer or the one that represents the lowest price. Before giving you any advice, we had analyzed in detail the current concert tickets market, had checked all prices, availability, website features and mobile experiences of the most famous selling services. Let us start with tracking down where to get cheap concert tickets online.

Ticketmaster -

Ticketmaster is the primary source for scoring a cheap gig ticket. With this service, you can buy a ticket for face value, as well as get paperless tickets. In addition, you can use it with the help of an excellent mobile application. Quite convenient and effective. However, there is one small drawback - this service does not remind you the date ticket sales. In other words, you have to keep track of your favorite band or artist by yourself. Otherwise, you miss the sales often. Ticketmaster's great advantage is that your funds for a ticket can be refunded within three days.


- the convenient mobile application that allows you to buy a ticket on the go

- possible refund of the ticket for 3 days

- allow to buy tickets not face value, but it also provides paperless tickets

- VIP parking


- no reminder for the date of receipt of tickets for sale

- tickets are bought out literally in the first minutes

- non-constant fees cost


Vivid Seats -

Vivid Seats is the secondary ticket sales market, which is represented by other people or brokers. In addition, all your purchases are confirmed by the guarantees that the tickets will be valid and delivered right before the concert. In case if tickets are not delivered, then Vivid will offer 100 percent reimbursement. But the most prominent advantage of this service (which is also installed on the phone) you can buy free tickets by using this company’s rewards program. It is meant that if you buy a certain number of tickets from Vivid Seats, then you can get a free ticket or discounts on events and experiences the next time. You can find this opportunity on their website in the section called Vivid Values.


- opportunity to get a free ticket

- a lot of useful information about venues

- ticket search option on the sold-out show


- no refunds

- secondhand tickets may cost more


Coast to Coast Tickets -

Coast to Coast Tickets's range of values sets it apart from the competition. Because the main advantage of this service is the provision of a large number of ticket options, which are the cheapest in comparison with other sites. The best ticket price is due to the fact that the service has significantly lower commissions among other similar applications. The amount of commission is always a stable number, namely 18 percent. However, this service is inferior to the aforementioned in that that there is no rewards program, and also it is impossible to order paperless tickets.


- lowest commission fee

- the ability to search tickets by group name, artist, etc.


- no paperless ticket

- no refund option


StubHub Concert Tickets -

StubHub Concert Tickets offers many other features great for concertgoers, including easy-to-use website, an effective mobile app, the ability to choose a price. The main idea of the service is the secondary market, which represents a large number of brokers who sell tickets. The site also gives the opportunity to sell tickets to anyone. The service also features a rewards program. 


- user-friendly website and mobile app

- what-you-see-is-what-you-get pricing 

- ability to choose among a wide variety of brokers

- the rewards program


- not offer ticket insurance or no return policy


TicketsNow Concert -

TicketsNow Concert is another great place to find online concert tickets for resale. It should be noted that TicketsNow is a secondary market from the Ticketmaster service whose main function is to sell and purchase authentic tickets from various brokers. This means that you can choose the most suitable price for any desired event here. At first glance, the main disadvantage of this service is that it is absent from rewards program, mobile app or price alerts.


- a secure web site with the protection and confidentiality of third-party companies from VeriSign and TRUSTe

- the average fee

- additional information about the venue


- the absence of rewards program, mobile app or price alerts


If for some reason, you have missed all the periods of ticket sales for your favorite concert, and it's not possible to buy an online ticket, because they sold out, then you still have the last option. Every venue, where the show is scheduled to be held, has a box office with selling all tickets. Typically, they sell tickets at a reasonable price, and approximately an hour before the event itself, the box office presents extra tickets that you can buy at the last moment before the show.

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