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How to Sell Concert Tickets if Plans Changed

How to Sell Concert Tickets if Plans Changed

Life is an unpredictable thing and so it often happens when the planned event needs to be canceled due to some circumstances. If you bought a ticket, but then realize you can't visit a gig - we will help you! Find out, what is allowed during reselling tickets and what is not.

It's a fairly common occurrence when concert’s tickets are ordered once for the entire company, and someone unexpectedly cannot go for it for various reasons. Perhaps there are urgent cases or simply he or she does not want to go to this event. In this situation, several tickets may remain in the hands, which can not be returned. However, this does not mean that you have spent your money in vain and you should resign with it because you can always try to resell the ticket to the concert.

Where to sell concert tickets?

To understand how it is more profitable to sell tickets for a concert, you need to consider how many days remain before the event. If there is still enough time - at least more than 2 weeks, then you can use social networks and ads boards, located both online and in traditional newspapers. First of all, you need to place the corresponding ad on social networks - it's best to use groups, community and fan pages that are dedicated to this concert or its participant, and the price should be less than it actually is. In addition, it can be placed in special editions of free ads. On the other hand, when the concert is less than a week - you will have to spend a little more time and effort. It is possible to try to resell tickets to people who buy them at the ticket offices. In this case, you will have to wait some time for those who want to get to the concert and use some kind of bravery to intercept the potential buyer. Doubtful way, but possible.

When there is nothing left to the concert, you can try to implement extra tickets just before the concert begins. It often happens that some people unexpectedly want to visit a concert or they just learned about it too late, so they did not have time to buy a ticket. For them, you can come to the concert place 2-3 hours before it starts to offer your tickets. Do not forget that for a quick sale the ticket will have to provide a discount on the basic price. However, sometimes it is possible to earn some money on such a ticket sale if the event is expected enough high status, so all tickets managed to break. For the last lucky ticket, some prominent fans of the artists are ready to lay a fairly decent amount.

TicketMaster -

Ticketmaster is the world's leading ticket sales service and, perhaps, the best way to sell tickets online. This mobile application focuses on helping users acquire the best places with a price-quality ratio. The main advantage of the TicketMaster mobile application over the web application is that the mobile allows users to buy a ticket for a couple of minutes faster-using push notifications and avoiding additional authorization. Such a short period can be very important when a user tries to buy a ticket for an event that is in high demand.

According to Mashable, about 60% of the places registered with Ticketmaster allow visitors to use electronic tickets downloaded to their mobile devices. To ensure reliable protection against the resale of the same ticket to several customers, TicketMaster protects electronic tickets with an animated watermark.

To sell a concert ticket, users must enter the desired price. They can also see other available tickets to put a competitive amount. As soon as the ticket is purchased, the platform delivers it to the buyer in digital form, and the seller receives money on his bank card. When choosing a location, users can also compare the prices of other available tickets.

Gametime -

Once a user selects an event, the online ticket reservation application shows the fifty most appropriate search results. In addition, each description of the site includes a high-resolution image with a panoramic view from the corresponding section of the stadium. A detailed map of the stadium allows users to compare prices for different places and see available options in real time. When users select a location, they can quickly buy in two clicks. After its purchase, the mobile application sends a ticket to the mobile device. Then it can be instantly sent to other users or resell in one click. Users can also resell paper tickets by taking a photo using the mobile Gametime application.

StubHub -

StubHub improved the idea of Gametime and gave its customers the opportunity to choose concert tickets through Apple TV. This is one of the best solutions for selling tickets. With StubHub, users can also get a panoramic view of their sector before visiting the event. To pay for the ticket, users need to use their smartphone or tablet. Apple TV - is an added value for StubHub users. An image with a panoramic image will certainly look better on a large TV screen than on a small smartphone. When users find the desired event via Apple TV, they receive an SMS or push notification (if they have a mobile StubHub application) with the link. After clicking on the link, users are redirected to the screen for verification in the application or in the Play Market / App Store, if they have not already installed this application. Simply as 2+2=4.


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