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Music stories
Thumb rock and roll hall of fame
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Mecca for Music Fans
2018-07-20 176

Rock and roll hall of fame is a mesmerizing museum and organization in Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated to the most famous and influential figures of the rock'n'roll era

Thumb best english romantic songs of all time
Best Romantic Songs (Our Perfect Compilation)
2018-07-16 233

Without a doubt, love is one of the most powerful themes for songs ever cause love reflects the strongest feeling of human being.

Thumb the best rock stars of all time
Best Rock Icons - Will You Agree With Our List?
2018-07-13 172

Rock music is made for eternity, so the greatest rock musicians who are no longer alive still shape the music world today.

Thumb top 100 alternative songs of all time
Top 100 Alternative Songs (Best in Genre)
2018-07-09 161

The alternative is essentially a wide diversity of music genres, which combines different music directions starting from pop and ends with hard rock.

Thumb top 100 oldies songs of all time
Top 100 Oldies Songs of All Time to Enjoy
2018-07-06 189

If you would like to go on a musical journey into the 50s, 60s - the following top 100 oldies songs of all time will be a perfect choice.

Thumb top 100 songs of the 60s billboard
Top 100 Songs of the 60's - Billboard's Chart
2018-07-02 211

And what else will help us to collect all these songs, if not Billboard Hot 100?

Thumb music videos with naked girls in them
Music Videos with Naked Superstar Singers (Watch Now)
2018-06-29 195

The superstars do not even wait until the temperatures are right and they are so occasionally naked.

Thumb classic rock and roll bands
Classic Rock & Roll Bands (Best of the Best)
2018-06-25 249

It is not possible to review all the bright representatives of rock'n'roll, as there are myriads of them, so we will focus our attention only on a few bands.

Thumb top 10 rock and roll singers of all time
Top 10 Rock & Roll Singers of All Time
2018-06-25 181

Rock'n'roll embodied a certain uniqueness and splash around the world, it gave the youngsters of the 50s their own voice, the soundtrack of a new way of life.

Thumb where to sell concert tickets
How to Sell Concert Tickets if Plans Changed
2018-06-18 196

If you bought a ticket, but then realize you can't visit a gig - we will help you! Find out, what is allowed during reselling tickets and what is not.

Thumb new york city rap concerts
New York City Rap Concerts (2018 Events Guide)
2018-06-14 220

​​​​​​​From Brooklyn to the Bronx, New York is the birthplace of hip-hop, so here you can easily feel its authentic atmosphere. Here the biggest NYC rap gigs.the greatest NYC rap gigs.

Thumb top 25 classic rock bands
Top 25 Classic Rock Bands ( Some Are Still Touring)
2018-06-11 340

Good rock music always tends to be around. Let’s review out Top 25 classic rock bands, that totally make you feel excited and sing along!

Thumb las vegas heavy metal concerts
Las Vegas Top Heavy Metal Concerts Scheduled for 2018
2018-06-09 326

Best heavy metal events scheduled for 2018 in Las Vegas. The most remarkable persons and mind-blowing city’s of light venues are listed below.

Thumb best workout playlist
Best Workout Playlist for Doing Sports
2018-06-04 210

Great music makes a great workout! This playlist is a real salvation for everyone who doesn't dare to put on sneakers and go for a run or to the gym.

Thumb playlist songs to boost your confidence
Playlist to Boost Your Confidence
2018-06-02 205

No one is born with unlimited self-confidence. However, a day-to-day endeavor can help you to achieve it and music plays an important role in it.

Thumb how do music artists make money
How Musicians Actually Make Money
2018-06-02 170

Being a musician is a creative and interesting profession. Everyone who wants to link his future with music - dreams about grand tours and tonnes of money. 

Thumb nothing but thieves announce u s tour
Nothing But Thieves Announce U.S. Tour
2018-05-15 330

Essex alt-rock outfit are set to make their long-awaited return to North America this fall when they will perform 27-date-tour for their devoted fans.

Thumb jesse mccartney returns with new u s tour
Jesse McCartney returns with new U.S. Tour
2018-05-14 311

In pretty exhilarating music news today, remarkable pop rock singer has unveiled video of new single Better With You and confirmed a fresh batch of tour dates.

Thumb nine inch nails to present new album with u s tour
Nine Inch Nails to Present New Album with U.S.Tour
2018-05-11 323

Nine Inch Nails fans finally have a date to circle on the calendar. Industrial metal craftsmen are preparing to deliver their forthcoming mini-album Bad Witch.

Thumb new dates added to big thief tour schedule
New dates added to Big Thief tour schedule
2018-05-10 384

Indie-rock four-piece are extremely eager to showcase their latest musical material with explosive new sound during European and North American Tour in 2018. 

Thumb phil collins plots first u s tour in 12 years
Phil Collins Plots first U.S. Tour in 12 years
2018-05-08 339

In pretty exhilarating music news today, British pop-rock icon Phil Collins announced his return to the stage and a batch of tour dates to be held in Fall 2018.

Thumb pink detailed 2019 u s tour dates
Pink Detailed 2019 U.S. Tour Dates
2018-05-07 386

Today Pink is thrilled to announce a number of her upcoming 2019 U.S. tour dates as a part of final Beautiful Trauma World Tour leg.

Thumb childish gambino plots fall tour with vince staples
Childish Gambino Plots Fall Tour With Vince Staples
2018-05-04 307

Two greatest hip-hoppers are taking high voltage show to major cities across the United States with the expressive 19-date schedule. 

Thumb jeff beck will hit the u s in 2018
Jeff Beck will hit the U.S. in 2018
2018-05-04 295

It's a great time to soak your mind with authentic blues rock and hard rock music performed by guitar virtuoso legend Jeff Beck during his upcoming tour.

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