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R&B Concerts

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The Best R&B Concerts 2019

The history of pop music would be a dull place if it wasn’t for R&B. From the bare and stripped back blues of old to the off kilter glitchy beats used by today’s innovators, serious R&B fans are unified by their desire to get down and party to some wild, catchy show stoppers.
Whether you prefer bangers or ballads, no doubt you’re on the look out for the hottest R&B concerts hitting your local area so you can live it up and get jiggy with it! 

Perhaps you are a fan of the many living legends from the 90s who are still grooving today, like Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Justin Timberlake, who all demonstrate the deep creativity of a genre that continues to evolve. You could be more interested in younger trendsetters like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and even Justin Bieber retain the deep roots of the so called commercial R&B style. Experiencing these artists in a live venue as they perform powerful songs with pride, crafted with strong hooks backed up by glitzy, glamourous stage shows that promise to blow your mind. 

If you like to party you will probably agree with me that the range of artists classified as R&B makes the genre hard to accurately define, making a truly diverse toolbox of wild and exciting music that never fails to excite, meaning r and b tours offer a night out that is unpredictable but most importantly unforgettable.

Recent r&b bands on tour such as FKA Twigs, Drake, The Weeknd and Miguel push these boundaries to the limit, giving party animals a taste of authentic experimentation in the soul and funk category. intellectual perspective. Other young trailblazers underlining the experimental aspects of the R&B genre include Bryson Tiller and French Montana who are more spacey, melodic and delicate, giving proceedings a frank sexiness that will melt hearts with their upfront live shows which have a hands on celebratory feel, while Janelle Monáe glimpses of a streetwise playground of love, free expression, oppression and funky thematic subversion be a bold person and groove with whether you are more into busting raps or soulful harmony. Hard groove, smooth funky feel different flavours and feels slow jams and pure soulful strong glistening synthesisers.

Upcoming shows from R. Kelly, Tamar Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Lionel Richie and the legendary Diana Ross are among the highlights of 2019, so check the gallery above and prepare to have your soul stirred!

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