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World Concerts

Artists: 1412
Events: 10173

World music is a very extensive term that denotes the music of all nationalities, in other words, it spreads their culture through national instruments and some traditions. The most striking thing is that falling under this term can be various styles - starting from folk and ends with classical music.

However, the most important component of World music is, of course, the cultural feature of one or another nationality, which is transmitted for centuries. Perhaps at first glance, this genre seems outdated, but it is certainly a false judgment.

This is an exceptional atmosphere, special music, which allows you to get into the history of mankind, look into the past. Among the most prominent representatives of this musical direction are such personalities as Ephemeral Mists, Cesária Évora, Ravi Shankar, Irfan and many others. They all represent the national values of their country in particular.

Interesting is the fact that the darkwave band Dead Can Dance successfully used elements of World Music in its work. However, there are plenty of such cases when World music is mixed in part with other genres, for example by the Vampire Weekend group. It should also be noted that the perpetual giants of this genre are such performers as the Anda Union, Alan Stivell - they have developed this genre the best of their kind.

Event Name Where Date Price
Avatar anastacia Anastacia
Your Home, NY
today at 20:00
Avatar wardruna Wardruna
Boston, MA
today at 20:00