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Electronic Concerts

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Many fans say that modern EDM music isn’t intended to be an album genre, so if you’re into it you’ll probably agree that Electronic Dance Music has to be experienced in a live setting. Electronic concerts are here to stay, so get on your crazy fluorescent dance rags and prepare to get out and RAVE!  Dedicated fans will agree that the best shows to attend are festival events that happen in all countries, so you may have to travel, but if you’re lucky you will find some authentic party music made by the most experienced DJs visiting a town near you.  

If you’re heavily into EDM you could tell the difference between deep house, progressive house, electro, art dance, hardstyle, UK garage Dub and Dubstep, but the great thing about these shows is how open minded people are, literally everyone is welcome so long as you know how to party. An underlying respect for the old culture means that early artists like Kraftwerk and Gary Numan whose electronic tours have been bringing atmospheric ambient and electro music to dance hungry fans since the 70s and still draw a dedicated crowd.

Following these early days of DJ-centric EDM, which grew in the void left when funk and disco started to burn out, evolution has been the second most important element to the style (after WILDLY decadent partying!) So EDM is always in a state of flux, meaning fans catch the touring bug and feel the need to get heavily involved so you can feel part of the movement and experience these rapidly changing tides...

Keeping track of sub genres but illustrates this diversity... techno is one of the best known as it grew as a wild style of music made for the people by the people. More progressive styles like trance grew in europe, allowing DJs to daze their audience with stylistic buildups and breakdowns, blasting epic day long shows. The roots of electro and disco fed into house, with its heavy dropping beats kicking a big room feel into tracks. Dubstep and drum and bass have roots in jungle and reggae beats, add to this the wild experimentation of acid house and the dark moodiness of industrial and and even the most established fans can continue find new artists to get into.

Among the highlights of electronic bands on tour as 2019 enters its final phase are acts as diverse as Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem, Pendulum, Deadmau5, Goldfrapp and Pete Tong, so scan the gallery above and make sure your dancing shoes are heavy duty!

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