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If you want the best and most up to date news about upcoming concerts you’ve came to the right place. Staying home is not an option when so many huge bands and artists will be performing concert tours live all over the world. In the current year we are facing a great mix of popular artists, exciting newcomers and returning greats. You’ll never want to listen to recording again when you can hear the real thing live.

The most exciting part is that there are so many great artists and different genres. We will help you find a show for every taste, every mood, and most importantly, every price. Fancy some pop music? Or maybe a little R&B? Do you want your head melted by the best Electronic beats, or the most savage guitar solo at the rock concert? All the year round there are hundreds of great artists hitting the road.

Star comebacks and reunions

2018 offers a hell of comebacks featuring Blondie, Bananarama and indie group LCD Soundsystem. With Debbie Harry and co, the 80’s pop starlets reunited, expect shows packed up with the greatest hits from legendary crowd-pleasers. LCD Soundsystem on the other hand have a new album to promote entitled American Dream - their first piece since “This is Happening” (2010). James Murphy will be aiming to show fans that the New York band are still formidable performers on stage.

Modern bands have plenty to offer

If you’re in the market for some modern indie rock then Arcade Fire have got you covered. The Canadian band who are seen by many as the best live act on the planet are currently touring their fifth studio album “Everything Now” and promises to be one of the best concert tours in 2018. Finally, if you want your dream-pop with a side of Americana, Lana Del Rey is your option. The LA songstress is currently killing it with her critically acclaimed album “Lust for Life”. If you think she sounds good only in the studio record room you definitely have to see her live.

These are just some of the highlights for upcoming concerts in 2018. And do not forget there are tons of quality sound coupled with great food and beautiful nature at the musical festivals. Check out our latest guide of the coolest music festivals 2018. With so much to choose from there is really no reason to stay home. Get out there and experience it for yourself. 

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