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Heavy Metal Concerts

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The Best Heavy Metal Tours in 2019

For heavy metal fans, more than any other genre of music, the live show is key. Even the most blisteringly songs on record are given a new, dangerous, and cathartic dimension when performed live. For heavy metal fans, the live show is key.

It’s a place in which fans of this special genre can come together to celebrate their chosen bands, scream their lungs out trying to match the ferocious vocals, and throw each other about with reckless abandon in the mosh pit: safe in the knowledge that the community spirt keeps everyone on the same page.

Metal concerts are a near-religious experience, and that doesn’t just mean Christian rock either. It’s the genre where music takes on a life of its own, animating the spirt of fandom like no other. So, don’t miss the heavy metal bands on tour in 2019.

The Living Heavy Metal Legends Hitting the Road

Every metal-head has a wealth of options to rock out with new heavy metal tours being announced every day of 2019.

For those who fight to keep the spirt of Nu-Metal alive Papa Roach will be flying the flag this autumn. Other heavy metal bands on tour in 2019 include the living legends of punk The Descendants, who will be touring in support of their most recent album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate. Another legendary punk band X, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a second wave of dates so make sure you don’t miss them. 

For more modern tastes, Rise Against will be hitting the circuit to promote their 2018 album Wolves. From modern heroes to long goodbyes. Legendary Finnish band HIM will mark their final ever show at the end of 2019 with a New Year’s Eve show, as well as a tour leading up to it in November. 

Each band repeatedly deliver when it comes to the best heavy metal concerts, gathering fans by the truckload that will remember belting these songs out for the rest of their lives.

These are just some of the highlights of upcoming metal concerts in 2019: including HIM, Rise Against, Papa Roach, and more. With so much to choose from there is really no reason to stay home. Get out there and experience it for yourself. Feel the passion, feel the love, unleash the beast, and make some truly awesome memories. 

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