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Latin Concerts

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The Best Upcoming Latin Concerts in 2019

If you love grinding and swaying salsa style you’re probably a fan of the wide variety of music from the landscape of South America. Latin concerts are full of fire and sensuality, sometimes with stone cold, laid back grooves peppered with punchy background vocals or sexy salsa styles that lock listeners into a pulsating animalistic vibe. Thankfully there are still many Latin stars to catch on the live circuit as 2019’s wild summer season comes to a close.

Paying tribute to the rich history of Latin music, deep cultural roots that have spawned a wide spectrum of bright and interesting instrumentation. Latin music is all about getting you dancing and living for the moment. It’s raunchy rhythms have always had an influence in rock and pop music so Latin isn’t all about maracas and castanets; as evidenced by its diverse array of established legends such as Enrique Inglesias, Shakira, J Lo and Silvestre Dangondare who are still knocking it out of the park with new records this year. There is always new talent pushing the genre into interesting new directions, so younger artists such as Nicky Jam, Becky G and J Alvarez keep things fresh with an emotional fun atmosphere you’d have to be mad not to enjoy.

Whether you want sentimental romantic serenades or a dense, sweatily bopping crowd locked into a vibrant exploration of adventurous celebratory dance, rest assured there will be plenty of studs, divas and ensembles ready to shake your butt as they jam and swing along with provocative dance moves, bringing continental spice to a venue near you. We’ll help you to discover the latin tours featuring groups and solo artists who could make that epic sell out Ricky Martin show earlier this year seem like just a taster!

Among the red hot artists coming to a town near you to jam in this intense, timelessly sexy style are acts as diverse as Emmanuel, Lila Downs, Yuridia, Natalia Lafourcade, Los Temerarios, Rosario Flores and a host of other surprises. Find more steamy, dramatic latin bands on tour in the gallery above. 

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