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Classic Rock & Roll Bands (Best of the Best)

Classic Rock & Roll Bands (Best of the Best)

Rock'n'roll is a popular music genre that was born in the 1950s in the United States and was an early stage in the development of rock music. Also, a dance performed for rock'n'roll and rock'n'roll rock music. The term "rock 'n' roll" is often used in the general designation of rock music, for which, in this way, fall into the grunge, and rockabilly, and others. The most important factor in determining rock n roll is a general emotion, the direction of creativity, the ideas in the songs.

Like any group list, this can not claim objectivity. It's especially difficult to be objective when it comes to music. In addition to some objective factors of assessment, there is also a lot of subjective things - at what time did you hear this composition, with whom you danced at the time, or maybe even kissed, which memories the composition of you causes. We collected the list of one the best classic rock and roll bands ever.

It is not possible to review all the bright representatives of rock'n'roll, as there are myriads of them, so we will focus our attention only on a few bands.

Rolling Stones

The total legends, they have no alternative. Only the Beatles, The Who, The Doors or Supertramp could have overshadowed them, but none of them has managed to continue to this day perform with such good capability and keeping more or less original members of the group. Today, the Rolling Stones are still releasing albums and raising auditory mood. Along the way, they have unveiled more than 20 studio albums, gave various live shows and festivals, dropped special releases. They absolutely deserve high admiration!

Deep Purple

Maybe not in the best possible way, but another classic band that greets the passage of time are the Deep Purple. We must remember that they have the honor of being one of the oldest bands in the rock scene, founded in 1968. They never had the same fame as Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, since they chose the more gentle way of rock, without much controversy, although there were, and also embraced the path of rock madness of the seventies. They gave unforgettable songs and today they continue to release music pieces.


No less worthy of attention is another well-known band - AC / DС. Their last tour has been highly criticized, as they chose to go on the road without waiting for their vocalist, Brian Johnson, to recover with severe hearing problems. Inviting Axl Rose did not contribute to improving his image, but it did help to make cash. Their true fans, who follow in band’s footsteps since 1975, consider that since the death of Bon Scott there is an unquestionable before and after, and is that the era destroyer of its beginnings happened to be a 'blockbuster' of music for All public. Who does not like an AC / DC theme? Currently have been as a band for 'posers', musical posture as well as who puts on Los Ramones shirts without knowing any of their songs.

Iron Maiden

Unable to discouragement, although they are already eighties, they have earned a place among the classic bands. Iron Maiden have overcome all kinds of problems, breaks, and collisions. In fact, it is one of the most solid bands in the rock scene. While it is true that they broke up as a provocative band and earned a reputation for being dangerous, it is a most 'in' formation within the system. 16 albums behind them since 1980 shows quite good activity. However, Iron Maiden are one of the worst-treated bands by the critics, since their musical evolution never stopped.


Another group that needed a strong focus on them are Scorpions. They were pioneers in Europe beyond the United Kingdom in spreading rock and roll, is the first formation that dared to take this music to the masses and achieve it successfully. They flirted with the progressive, with the psychedelia and with the dark metal, but the commercial success surpassed them and the decade of the 1980s was their tomb in terms of artistic prestige. Condemned to extinction, in 2010 they announced that they hung their boots, but like many other bands, like the Judas Priest, their intentions were left in nothingness and since then they have released one more album and have made several 'final' tours that were not an actual end.

Judas Priest

The eternal rivals of the Maiden in holding the podium of the most classic and fundamental metal bands in history are beyond any rivalry. Who loves them, forgives any drop in their discography, because the Judas ... will always be the Judas. The freer version of heavy 80s had its golden age in the seventies, but like many other genre formations, they sold more than ever and exploded in success in the 1980s, the only decade in which hard rock was the most massive musical genre. Although its success does not reach the level of the Iron Maiden, its classics were worthy of competing in quality and sales.

Black Sabbath

Without Ozzy, perhaps, they would never have become the Sabbath, but he also condemned them to live always in their shadow. When he was fired in 1978 for his excesses, they signed Dio (the best metal singer of all time, without hesitation for a second), but the expectations never came true despite the good that was their first work together, the legendary 'Heaven and Hell' (1980). But Iommi did not do his best composting and ended up ending that time, losing himself in search of the lost Ozzy. He signed to the best of the best, after Dio, and featured Ian Gillan of Deep Purple in 'Born Again' (1983) and then with Glenn Hughes in 'Seventh Star' (1986). After hanging up their boots in the 1990s, they returned, as is known, with the album '13' in 2013 and after several world tours, they announce that next year they will hang their habits. This time we think they will be serious ... Essential to understanding the subsequent heavy metal, as with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple were the real origin of this musical style always so reviled.


For those who do not place them, they are one of the greatest bands of all time, but their style was not as commercial as possible, so their success was limited, not their prestige and good criticism. They started in the 1960s, specifically in 1969, but they were very clear about what style to follow. They were pioneers in symphonic rock and creators along with Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis and the progressive rock genre, the calm and cultural version of rock, away from the excesses of epochal motto 'sex, drugs and rock and roll '. Although there were always drugs, by the way, among these artists. Yes, they are creators of many fundamental hymns for rock, and even in the 1980s, they did not hesitate to pop and create their great worldwide hit, 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'. They are currently at their worst, both creatively and humanely, as their leader Chris Squire died in 2015, being the only member fixed in its almost 50-year history.


Undoubtedly, like Kiss, it is another of the bands that will chirp many of them for being on this list. But his rock was not always the commercial rock of recent times. Created in 1970 and with record debut in 1973, they began as a band crossed out as an American copy of the Rolling Stones, with Steven Tyler being the North American version of Mick Jagger, something that was never denied as such. But soon the Aerosmith became something much more complex than a clone and their blues-rock created an era in their country. After 6 good albums in the seventies, like so many others, they entered the eighties immersed in the commercial and rock that was in fashion. When they touched the sky it was in the nineties, with the unquestionable 'Get a Grip' (1993). It was the album of 'Crazy', 'Cryin' ',' Eat the Rich ',' Livin 'on the Edge' or 'Amazing'. At the moment they are in technical break, with Joe Perry doubting Tyler, always to the brawl. But while it is said otherwise, it is expected that their recent tour this fall is not the end, and sooner or later, all keep coming together to release what would be their number 16 album.

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