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Favorite Music Genres in the United States

Country, rock or hip-hop, or is it possible pop is on the top? This is an eternal struggle for a place of honor and privilege, find out who's ahead of everyone.

Well, it's a rather difficult task - to choose something single or something better. Do you agree? After all, each has its own right of choice, and for one - one genre will be the peak of misery, and for another - this is a masterpiece. It has always been in such way, how many people are - so many preferences exist, and nobody can deny it. However, we have tried to gather statistics for several years that speak for themselves and depict Favorite music genres in the United States.

Judging by the research, we can say that punk and metal are the most popular on the West coast, rock and EDM are highly traded in California and New York, indie and folk are listening in the West. In addition, Seattle still loves alternative rock. But now let's have a little more in detail.

Hip-hop accounts for 25 percent of all music that was heard in the US. Previously, the most popular genre was rock music, but now it accounts for only 23 percent of auditions.

Pop music accounted for only 13.4 percent, the share of country - 8 percent. These data take into account both sales of albums and listening in streaming services. According to net sales, the most popular genre is still rock with more than 40 percent of albums sold over half a year.

By the way, the first place not only in the US but also in the whole world in terms of the number of plays is occupied by compositions in the genre of hip-hop. This is evidenced by the data of the interactive music map of the world, compiled by the Swedish streaming service Spotify.

Concerning the best songs, the first place was Melodrama disc of the New Zealand singer Lord. On the second line - Visions Of A Life of British rock band Wolf Alice. Completes the first three song HUMBLE. by the performance of American hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar.

The top ten also included records of artists such as Father John Misty, LCD Soundsystem, J Hus, SZA, Lana Del Rey, Wylie and Liam Gallagher.

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