Gorillaz Release New Album "Humanz"

The group Gorillaz who had remained silent for six years now returned in a splendid fashion. On the eve of Trump's inauguration, the musicians revealed song Hallelujah Money - about money and power, recorded together with Benjamin Clementine.

Gorillaz New Album Humanz

In addition, the band recently announced the release date for the new album -  Humanz. The record is planned to be released this spring. Gorillaz have kept their silence for more than six years, and now literally bombard fans with news: namely, together with the release date of the new album, Gorillaz presented four new videos - Saturnz Barz, Andromeda, We've Got the Power and Ascension.

The fifth studio album of the famous Gorillaz band, long awaited by the fans, will be released on April 28. This was stated by Jamie Hewlett.

It was reported earlier that the new record release of the band will take place at the end of 2016. The news from Hewlett was passed by the fans of Gorillaz through a fan profile in the social resource Instagram.

After talking with Hewlett, fans of the band wrote that there can be no rush with the release of the Gorillaz record. According to Hewlett notice, this is a very special album.

The fact that Gorillaz began working on a new LP, became known last fall, when in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Damon Albarn said the following:

I'm just starting to work on a new record for Gorillaz. So far I can say that something very fast and energetic will be obtained. It is clear to say that in recent years I just got stuck in keyboard music, working on Broadway, so now I really want to do something new and completely different from the latest works.

It's already clear that the new Gorillaz album will surprise listeners by duets: so far, we recorded the song “We've Got the Power” together with Noel Gallagher from Oasis, and “Ascension” together with popular rapper Vince Staples. Moreover, regarding the new album, there will be a collaboration with the young British singer of Nigerian origin Ray BLK. Musicians themselves say that Humanz album will become a "lightning of truth in the middle of a dark night".

Gorillaz New Album Humanz Cover

But that's not all news: according to rumors, Gorillaz are going on a big tour

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