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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Mecca for Music Fans

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Mecca for Music Fans

Rock and roll hall of fame is a mesmerizing museum and organization in Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated to the most famous and influential figures of the rock'n'roll era: performers, producers and other personalities who had a significant impact on this music industry.

Cleveland justified their claims to be called the birthplace of rock'n'roll by the fact that DJ Alan Freed, who worked at the local WMMS radio, originally coined the term rock 'n' roll in the early 1950s.

Why you should visit it

From the first seconds you get to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland you can feel its ebullient energy like dynamic rock and roll music is. Here are the priceless exhibits, among which are the whimsically painted Janis's Joplin car, a Bruce's Springsteen suit in which he photographed on the cover of his first album, the first guitar of Bono and the uniform of "Sgt. Pepper", owned by John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

What does it look like?

It is an architectural "explosion" of three-dimensional geometric shapes. The decoration of the rooms is simple: white concrete at the base of the walls, light aluminum panels with contrasting gray inserts on the outer surface of the tower, gray frames of windows and a transparent glass pyramid, dark gray floor.

The pale colors of the tower serve as a perfect background for the tumultuous activity that boils behind the glass walls inside the building; especially spectacularly, the complex looks in night illumination. Most of the museum's premises are located underground, which allows better control over its interactive displays.

The Hall of Fame is located on the shore of Lake Erie. In the center of the architectural composition is a 50-meter tower with wings hanging over the water surface. In one of these branches is located concert hall, and in the other - a theater. Looking at the building in the shape of a pyramid, it immediately becomes clear who is its creator: this, of course, Yong Ming Pei, author of the Louvre's Pyramid.

What makes this place so special?

Rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland is totally a cult place, a Mecca of sorts for all fans of this certain musical direction. Varieties of interactive expositions give the opportunity to watch films about musicians, live performances with spellbinding sound. You can also find there small booths, in which it's possible to choose any album of an artist and listen to it. In addition, there is personal stars' stuff, biographies and even concert costumes are presented there. 

It's no secret that all rock musicians dream of becoming a part of Rock and roll hall of fame, but the selection of the contenders is very harsh. A list of the first 10 ones was compiled in the mid-1980s, including such masters as Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley.

Previously, the annual ceremony took place at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, after which worthy nominees were named. Since 2009, the ceremony was moved to Cleveland, where now a group of 700 experts selects new candidates, among whom recently, by the way, were also representatives of rhythm and blues and rap. Well, why not.

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