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10 Best Female Vocalists Ever

Women in the music industry are no worse than men, achieving a dizzying success and an army of fans. This list is best of the best of the most famous American singers was compiled on the basis of data related to the number of sales of their CDs, concerts, tours and just huge love from fans. So, who are they, the famous singers of America? Let's finally get to know them.

The Queen of Pop - Madonna, with her incredible appearance, the strength of spirit, incredible craving for creativity and talent, she struck the whole world. The male population of our planet gives her the first places in their ratings: "The most beautiful", "the sexiest ", "the most feminine" - it's all about her. And of course the popular singer has done a lot for the pop industry, so she is rightly considered the name of Queen of Pop.

Her voice, like a non-existent shade in the color scheme, which sooner or later it was necessary to come up with. Frankly speaking, a lot of people have already forgotten how unexpected was the effect of her appearance in the world of music. It is so unique that she can sing ridiculous songs from a TV show, and the whole world will still talk about it.  To fully realize the greatness of Bjork you need to listen to her 1997 album Homogenic - this is the Bible for the vocalist of our time. In a minute, Bjork can accelerate to the speed of the train and for a second to reset his drive to zero. She is brilliant and exclusive in her own way.

Christina Aguilera
"I knew she could sing. I knew she could really sing.''-says Herbie Hancock, referring to her duet with Aguilera. - ''But I didn't know she could sing like that. She knocked me out''. Aguilera has a strong voice and a good enough school to qualify for the laurels of the modern blues queen, from the age of 11 (that's when she first appeared on the Star Search TV show). Moreover, in her first hit 'Genie In A Bottle' it was noticeable enough that the technique of this young girl refers to the reference samples of the genre.

Whitney Houston
The daughter of gospel vocalist Cissy Houston, Whitney grew up under the supervision of mother's friends - Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. ''When I sang, "Houston remembers," it was as natural to me as to start talking''. By the time Whitney turned twenty-two, she was already considered the leading vocalist of her generation: her debut album had three powerful hits: 'Saving All My Love For You', 'How Will I Know' and 'Greatest Love Of All'.

Nina Simone
American jazz singer, pianist, arranger and composer. Nina Simone had a pathologically enlarged pharyngeal amygdala, because of which she had a deep, bewitching voice. She used it in a variety of musical directions, whether it's jazz, soul, pop, gospel or blues. Her voice is called the voice of the Black Revolution - in the 60's, she gained the love of an unsophisticated public and the respect of professionals. Thanks to her popularity, she was able to speak and be heard. With the help of creativity, Nina brought her ideas and political thoughts to people. The leitmotif was the topic of discrimination against African Americans in the US.

Janice Joplin
She is considered the best white performer of the blues and one of the greatest vocalists in the history of rock music. 
In 1995, Janis Joplin was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hall and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. ''Joplin was literally pounding on stage, and she screamed so furiously that I remembered this for life'', - recalls the performance of Janice singer Melissa Etheridge. - "Sometimes it seemed to me that the voice did not belong to Joplin, but to some old black woman''. Joplin's powerful vocals, equally relevant in the psychedelic blues rooms and country-soul of her late albums, still sound as if his half-mad master had pre-calculated all the parts before the note.

Tina Turner
''I'll never forget the moment when I first saw Tina on stage, "says Beyonce. - ''For me, Turner is a symbol of power''. Tina began to tour almost half a century ago; her breakthrough was linked to the cover version of Proud Mary on Creedence Clearwater Revival, which in 1971 became a declaration of women's independence. ''In terms of its energy, Turner reminded me of the tank, "recalls John Fogerty. Over time, Tina's emotions as vocalists only intensified. ''Her voice cannot be classified, "says Melissa Etheridge. - ''Tina Turner is a passion in its pure form''.

The full name of the singer is Alisha Beth Moore. Scenic pseudonym completely reflects the style and cult personality. Pink gained fame after the debut solo album 'Can't take me Home'. Thanks to this song, she was recognized as a performer of R & B. Initially, she was positioned as an American pop-rock singer. Moreover, Pink is known as an actress and songwriter, she is included in the rating of 10 celebrities who approve of free relations.

Debbie Harry

Her talents cannot be counted, she is the most famous singer and a great artist of all time! To her merits, you can also attribute unsurpassed composer talent! A young singer started her career in America, but now her works are evaluated all over the world. Played more than 30 films, while singing, and record high-quality music. She is called the most active singer of the pop industry, and it's no wonder!

Aretha Franklin
When it comes to expressing one's personality through a song - then Aretha Franklin is here. She is not just the greatest performer of rhythm and blues, soul and gospel - she has a gift from above. She owns both technique, and discernment, and charisma, and incredible energy. Due to exceptionally flexible and strong vocals, she is often called the Queen of Soul and the greatest vocalist of the rock'n'roll era.

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