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The Sexiest Female Country Singers

Country music belongs to soft and non-consensual musical genres, as it easy to listen to, and the melody itself is simply pleasant to the ears. In turn, easily remembered motifs of the songs seem to transfer the listener away from the city or some comfort place, where the crash of a metropolis is not heard. As the matter of fact, the special attention is paid by listeners to female country singers, as women embody more sincerity of their feelings and have a stunning appearance. For this reason, we made a list of the most striking female performers who make country music more interesting and achieved a great success in this field.

Shania Twain  

Shania Twain is a legendary country-pop singer of Canadian origin, she managed to broke all the records of selling country-style albums when her third studio album 'Come on over' came out. Since then, the singer is firmly entrenched among the best female singers of the country-pop. In addition, Shania received a Grammy Award and after all, continues to keep the high level throughout all her musical career. Her music becomes more and more valuable, and Shania's performances more skillful. 

Miranda Lambert  

Miranda Lambert gained glory as one of the most popular contemporary country-rock performers. Her music has extraordinary power and inspires the best changes in our lives, adds a strong belief in ourselves and general ability to live the way we want. The country music by Miranda turned to be incredibly charming and deeply meaningful. Quality was confirmed by remarkable musical awards such as Grammy, the Association of Country Music and the Academy of Country Music awards. 

Taylor Swift 

Taylor is back in the game, and now she is planning to show her power not only as a singer but also as a battle rival for other performers of the modern music industry. More recently, Taylor Swift has released a video clip for the song 'Look what you make me do' on August 24, 2017, and turned everyone into a pleasant shock and incredible amusement about her new style. The singer's musical career began early - for the first time she picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and began writing songs at the same time. By that time, the girl realized that her feelings overwhelming her can be expressed through music. Having moved to one of the suburbs of Nashville, Taylor performed at the showcases of the cafe with her compositions, and, one day caught the eye of one of the veterans of the music industry Scott Burkett, who recently created the independent label Big Machine Records. And already in October 2006 her debut album Taylor Swift came out, which brought fame and became for the singer an undoubted success. 

Carrie Underwood

The singer has amazingly beautiful powerful vocal, therefore, despite her youth, she won a huge number of fans. The debut album "Some Hearts" was released in 2006 and became the best-selling album of the year (more than 6 million copies sold). After the release of the first album, Carrie Underwood delighted her fans with 5 new singles - Inside Your Heaven, Do not Forget To Remember Me, Wasted and Before He Cheats. And each of them at different times occupied the first places of various country charts. At the 2008 Grammy Ceremony, Carrie Underwood won the nomination "Best New Artist", and was declared in two categories (the second was "The Song of the Year"). One of her hits, "Before He Cheats", lasted 64 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and was third in the list of the longest-lived singles in the 50-year history of the chart.

Martina McBride

She is known not only as a country singer with a strong, clean vocals, but also an amazing person. Every time you watch a singer's video or see interview records at secular meetings, it's hard not to agree that Martin is very charming and charming. Her debut took place in 1991, when Martin released the single "The Time Has Come". Since then, Martin singles regularly hit the top of the country's Billboard charts. During his career, Martin McBride released 11 studio albums, which were sold in the amount of 14 million copies. The singer won the Country Music Association four times in the category "Best Female Vocals" and three times - Academy of Country Music in the nomination "Best Female Performer".

Dolly Parton 

The popular country singer and film actress Dolly Parton embodied the American dream in her life. Being brought up in a very poor family, the artist from 10 years of age took the vocal lessons for the last money, which eventually paid off with interest. Her first single, "Puppy Love" Dolly Parton performed at the contest in New York, and the thing immediately went out on 5 place of the American charts in the category of blues.

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