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Top 100 Songs of All Time [Set list]

Top 100 Songs of All Time [Set list]

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. If it is comprehensive to consider all musical creations in the history of mankind, then it becomes clear that to highlight or evaluate the best among the best is difficult and even impossible. Each musical piece is a certain emotion that carries its unique style, and therefore, to conduct a profound assessment and compare it with others is generally unacceptable. It means that for everyone, of course, there is a standard of perfection, and it is connected somehow with the purely personal life experiences, situations, problems. Some people are attached to jazz, others prefer rock'n'roll and so on ... But at the same time, there are such compositions, which are as close as possible to a large number of people, in such a way that nearly every person admires it. This, in turn, a bulls-eye of bull's-eyes, a perfection in the composer's work and surely the dream of each musician. 

Not everyone is allowed to achieve this, not everyone realizes the value of his product until his hits crashed all the charts and hearts of billions of people around the world. In other words, nobody can say in advance whether this or that song will become a favorite one on the world level and be out of time frame so that it will be listened to not one and even not two generations. 

This happens unexpectedly. Therefore, we offer you our version of such "special" compositions that carry eternity. Our list of 100 songs of all time is the exquisite collection of the best musical creations of humanity. Moreover, if you are a true music lover, then you must give yourself the taste of music wholly listening to these songs. Songs that once became legendary and dozens of years have not lost their popularity to this day. Turn up the volume close your eyes and let the music take over your soul.

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