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New Age Concerts

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Significantly, the new-age was created by putting together electronic music and ambient along with the ethnic themes. Very often, it is associated with such a genre as neoclassicism by cause of it also runs through light piano lines. 

Notwithstanding the term itself became known to a wide audience only in the 80s, the idea of such music arose much earlier. American jazz clarinetist Tony Scott, who in 1964 released his album called «Music for Zen Meditation» using Japanese folk instruments, made the first recording. In such a manner, Tony Scott demonstrated a completely new approach to jazz. 

Above all, ambient and new-age were influenced also by solo performances of such musicians as Keith Jarrett (especially his record The Koln Concert), Ralph Towner (with records of Blue Sun and Solo Concert) and Lyle Mays with his epic album. Acoustic solo and team performances by early musicians of Windham Hill, such as Andy Summers, William Ackerman, Alex de Grassi, George Winston and Michael Hedges. 

All of them are called "New Age Musicians" for more than 30 years. What happened next? Enigma, Era, Gregorian, Vangelis, Wise Hand, Mike Oldfield, Sarah Brightman are all links in one endless chain that takes you on an unforgettable journey to the stars and mystical worlds. 

Eventually, new age became a genre of electronic music, that aimed at relaxation, meditation, the creation of positive emotions, it helps to stimulate creativity. In fact, it's not just beautiful, nice tunes. It is believed that they carry a huge load, affect the spiritual vibrations of man and can make it cleaner, lighter.

New Age music is the right recipe for the end of the weekend with its relaxing and light sound. Once you are at the New Age concert you will spot a combination of tools and techniques specific to electronic music (especially ambient music) and world music. As a rule, it is characterized by a low tempo, the use of light and mood-raising tunes. 

Browse the upcoming tours of new age artists to turn to themes of wildlife, self-knowledge and national cultures. The definition of the genre is rather blurred, and sometimes newcomers are quite different in terms of the sound of the performers.

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