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If you want the best and most up to date news about upcoming concerts you’ve came to the right place. Staying home is not an option when so many huge bands and artists will be performing concert tours live all over the world. In the current year we are facing a great mix of popular artists, exciting newcomers and returning greats. You’ll never want to listen to recording again when you can hear the real thing live.

No need to memorize tour dates of your favorite bands anymore! We have created a great search service to find live music near you. Day and night we are collecting all the upcoming musical concerts, festivals in every location possible. Moreover, you can also find more details of the events in your city or additional information about the tour dates. Our ultimate goal is to present a list of all live performances near you with a simple search by venue, city or artist.

Our homepage provides the list of the upcoming concerts for tonight.  This is a great opportunity for those who want to immediately get to the gig by picking up the last-minute tickets after a hard day.

The most exciting part is that there are so many great artists and different genres. We will help you find a show for every taste, every mood, and most importantly, every price. Fancy some pop music? Or maybe a little R&B? Do you want your head melted by the best Electronic beats, or the most savage guitar solo at the rock concert? All the year round there are hundreds of great artists hitting the road.

Concerts make people happier

Remarkable music events are announced almost every day and we are at your service to let you know about them ASAP. By itself, music significantly affects the emotional state of the human. By attending a concert, a person receives a charge of energy and positive or negative emotions (depending on whether he liked or disliked a particular performer or a band).

Recently, Australian researchers have confirmed the fact that regular attendance at musical concerts has a positive impact on humans. In particular, it has been found that a person obtains higher emotional satisfying by listening and living an atmosphere inside the crowd of other supporters and seeing directly the favorite artist than listening to the song alone. This phenomenon is to a large extent explained by the factor of the feeling of community as people during the concert feel themselves part of something bigger. Moreover, this circumstance enhances overall amusement and even multiplies it repeatedly.

Not less important is the expectation of the concert. Don't you agree, that if you plan to visit your favorite concert, you will attentively look forward to this moment,  prepare for it, choose clothes, shoes, and so on? These feelings of expectation are supported by the enthusiasm and a high desire to develop yourself, to live, to create, to do everything you want. Don't you ever notice a bunch of ideas and affairs right before or after the concert? But most important is the incredible desire to do it right now, and it does not matter that you are tired and do not feel your feet, and your body is completely exhausted after dancing.In fact, the main force is inside you, it is your power that gives you a strong faith. 

Do you think how to make life more meaningful and interesting? Everything is quite simple - just overflow it with new places, events, and people. And nothing will be better for this purpose than attending the concerts, as now it is a huge verity of genres and performers. Each of them manifests their own unique emotions and mood, therefore they have their own audience, which is distinguished by something special. By attending various concerts of various performers, you can not only become knowledgeable in music area but also can expand your general life horizons. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that researchers from the Australian Deakin University have found that people who regularly attend concerts have a wider worldview, and higher well-being and mood. It brings enormous pleasure from life and gives it a great meaning. So do not miss this opportunity. Think about which band or singer makes your ants on the skin, perhaps you will make your old dream come true. 

Be the first to know about concerts

How to never miss another concert or festival and be among the lucky people to grab concert tickets? New tour dates alerts is a feature that informs you about recently announced tours via e-mail. You will get a notification after subscribing to your favorite bands. Then you can get down to planning your vacation by buying tickets for your favorite band. 

Any event is a chance to see a long-awaited artist live, sing a favorite song or meet friends. These emotions inspire you for six months before and recharge for many days afterward. You have to admit, it's extremely entertaining to have an opportunity to visit events of such magnitude as Coldplay, Roger Waters, U2, Def Leppard or Pearl Jam. Well, if you prefer hip-hop and R&B, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z are a great choice for you. Special attention should be drawn to the pop genre representatives like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift. 

How to buy dirt cheap concert tickets 

You do not need to crunch the numbers if you want to find cheap concert tickets. Everything has already been done for you. There is only one thing - to choose the most suitable ticket. Looking at the ticket sales industry it becomes clear that not all platforms offer cheap cost, forcing to pay extra 10-20%. Bandstours's mission is to provide you with the opportunity to find the best price and buy tickets at face value or less (using coupons). 

How to choose the best seat for the concert

The location of your placement plays an important role and depends on your certain purpose. For each fan, the purpose of the visit to the rock concert is its own. The largest crowd is always ahead of the stage, the distance may vary from the scale of the concert, at large sites, it is about 300 feet, on small - 50 feet. In addition, if the concert takes place in the club and there is a bar, then there will definitely be a significant hustle. If you do not like the hustle - it is best to be behind the crowd in the area of the sound spreading. If you want to get closer to the stage, take into account our advice.

Gently advance forward at the right or left edge, reaching the third or fourth row, smoothly and unobtrusively push into the center of the hall. This stratagem will help you to be in front of the scene. In case you are a big fan of a band or an artist, it's better for you to be in the center because the best sound is always here. Accordingly, the sound dissipates along the edges. If you definitely want to see the group in front of you, then the best option is the fan zone - it's a dance floor, the area opposite the scene. In some particularly great concerts, it is divided into several zones and fenced from the general mass of listeners.

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